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Shadan Syed

Hey guys! This is Syed Shadan and currently I am testing the Pocket Post feature of Moviepilot and till now everything has been smooth!

So far the quote feature is working smoothly. Although the features are currently limited, its a small step for Moviepilot but a big tool for MP creators!

A stupid selfie just for the sake of testing pocket post!

Via iPhone 6
Via iPhone 6

(Note - The following text was written via my Computer)

So, I must say that Moviepilot's Pocket Posting was a very incredible way of expanding the platform. Although a person can't allot tags to his/her articles/posts it can be done via a PC. The features are limited but they will surely be developed further.

Here are some pros and cons of pocket posting -


  • A great way of expanding the platform!
  • Pictures can be added with immense ease
  • Heading tool works great
  • Awesome preview tool!
  • Pocket Posting is very easy
  • The GUI is simple yet amazing!
  • Quote tool works smoothly!


  • Pic captions are absent
  • Limited tools
  • Can't add tags (Suggestion : After the preview page, there can be a page where we can simply write the tag names to tag the article.)

At the end I would say that the MP team has done a great job! I don't know of any entertainment website that has such feature! I even don't know one website where the Content Creators play such an integral role in the smooth working of a website!

I think it will take MP around half a year to take this tool on a full fledged mode, but Pocket Posting is a very cool tool and it will surely bring more Creators to Moviepilot.


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