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Is Jake Ballard really dead? Can it be? Its looking that way. At the end of Thursday's episode, we saw Russell (Olivia's new lover) stabbing Jake repeatedly. Not to mention that in the promo, we see his dead and bloody body on the table, and we hear Olivia saying that he's dead. It seems to be true.

Though most of us are hoping that Jake Ballard somehow survived and Russell (ergo, Rowan Pope) failed, I'm afraid Shonda has probably let us down. As I'm an avid watcher of TV series (too many), I'm used to character deaths. But main characters dying is only something I've become used to when it comes to Game of Thrones or, most recently, Vikings. Having Shonda kill off one the main characters and one of the most beloved is almost like a betrayal. The last she betrayed me was when Jake killed James.

Now, I'm not beating up on Shonda. I'm just disappointed and hoping that she's totally fooled us all and Jake is alive and well and Rowan can suck a....Well, you know.

With Jake (probably) gone, the case against B-613 has taken a significant hit, just what Rowan wanted. Jake was the main witness, but now he's (almost definitely) out of the picture. And from what I hear, he's not the only one on Rowan's hit list. Obviously. So, with only three episodes left, will someone else major be killed off? Or will Shonda show us some mercy?

Comment your thoughts on Thursday's episode. Do you miss Jake already? Or are you glad he's gone?


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