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The upcoming Kick-boxer reboot/re-telling is starting to show more signs of life as new images hit the web like the one above. This new film places a completely different actor in the role of the Vengeful, agile-bruiser Kurt Sloane who was originally played by Jean Claude Van Damme the original movie that came out in 1989 and is hailed as a "cult-classic". The new film will be a revamp, but this time it places Van-Damme in the role of Master Durand who mentors and trains Sloane so that he can take his revenge on a formidable foe.

Here's the plot synopsis:

The film follows Eric and Kurt Sloan, the descendants of a California dynasty of champions. After Eric wins the Karate World Championship, a promoter lures him to Hong Kong despite his brother’s protests. When Eric dies, Kurt turns to his former mentor Master Durand to seek revenge on the vicious Tong Po.

This film could be decent at best since they seem to be trying to pay some homage to the original while adding something new to the mix. Jean Claude Van Damme's involvement might reassure some people, but there are those who are still skeptical about the full nature of his involvement. The plot doesn't seem to have changed very much based on the synopsis, but there could be a few changes seen in the film when it does eventually get released.

The film's performance could go either way at the box office depending if people are in the mood for this kind of movie and what it has to offer. There are a few high-profile stars in the movie among Dave Bautista,Gina Carano, and Jean Claude Van Damme, who could help attract potential viewers if it delivers in terms of action and strong storytelling. While a number of fans who loved the original movie are upset about this film's very existence, there are those who are willing to wait until a trailer drops before they brand the film with a "Never going to watch this" mark. Overall, you can wait for the film to come out and judge it based on its own merits, or you can stay home and watch the original while cursing this new movie and hollywood for making it, either way, you have a decision to make.


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