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In a city filled with gangs, drugs, and corruption. Trying to recover from the disasters shook New York. Two men want to make Hell Kitchen a better place. Which one would you trust masked man or a wealthy a psychotic billionaire. You decide?

Marvel does it right again! I remember thinking to myself when this show was announced " This is going to be a flop." Why would they to resurrect a character who ended up in a big failure on the big screen? Then I thought to myself this is the same company who took a big risk with making Guardians of the Galaxy after the comic book got mixed reviews. When Guardians came out it was a big success. Then I said " What the heck i'll give the show a shot." A couple of months go by and boom we get our first trailer. My first reaction was " Wow this show might actually be good". 2 months go by episodes premiere on Netflix and boom the Internet explodes about Dare Devil and they love it.

I sit down and turn on Netflix on my gaming console. Episode 1 of Dare Devil I watch it. I'm ten minutes into the episode and I am already starting to love it. I finish episode my jaw drops with aw. It gave us the gritty story and bloody violence that we all enjoy. I just finished the last episode today and wow Marvel impressed us once again. The story was unpredictable it kept me binging episode after episode. To the fight scenes, suspense, you didn't know who was was going to make it to the end of the season. When you did you weren't disappointed! All in all this is what makes Dare Devil a must watch and deserves a worthy 10 out 10!


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