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Olivia Munn to play Psylocke in the upcoming film 'X-Men: Apocalypse'. I for one think she is a fantastic choice to play Betsy Braddock aka Psylocke... She is doing a fantastic job in 'The Newsroom' and has played a fair amount of past roles via various TV Series, Movies and Video shorts. I am happy that Psylocke will properly be played by not only who I think is an aspiring Actress, but someone who actually is half Caucasian and half Asian (half American and half Chinese) because that's exactly what Betsy Braddock is! Well technically, here's how the basic story goes with Elizabeth (Betsy) Braddock. Elizabeth Braddock was first seen in 1976’s Captain Britain [issue #8] as the twin sister of the UK's own Captain Britain. It wasn't until about ten years later within the pages of New Mutants Annual [issue #2] that Elizabeth, a telepath who took over the body and abilities of a Japanese female ninja that went by the name Kwannon... and voila, we have Psylocke. A Master Martial Artist and an Expert Telepath (with a generous list of other Telepathic powers). One of my favorites is how she can materialize a telekinetic katana blade composed of raw psi-energy at will!


The Bottom line is although Olivia is half Chinese rather than half Japanese doesn't one bit phase my opinion of her being a stupendous pick to play the role of Psylocke. Now if she were cast as a typical Caucasian for the role then I think there would be a bit more room for debate - and I base this on Psylocke's actual backstory. Psylocke is a unique Character that's not that easy to mimic, and now thanks to Olivia Munn we've got the look and the talent to match!


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