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According to an Australian magazine, we don't have much longer to wait for the release date of Hello Games' No Man's Sky on PS4. However, we still have several months left to hear more news surrounding the work of Sean Murray and his team. We've no idea what to expect with No Mans Sky and what it'll be like to pick up that controller on its release date, but it'll certainly be a concise artistic vision that a talented group of developers brought to life.

However, once it has left the very capable hands of the development team, what can we expect from the No Man's Sky fan base? Will we eventually be able to witness their own contributions to the universe? Will modding become an available aspect of Hello Games' intriguing title once it hits PC?

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Modding the Universe in No Man's Sky

Obviously, No Man's Sky is the vision of a single team. A team who has invested a tremendous amount of time and work into this product. Therefore, the final version will be indicative of their own artistic achievements, but that's not to say that No Mans Sky's journey could conclude with their work.

There's a great deal of innovation and imagination in the modding community. Some games have survived due to the fan base that has improved upon aspects of a game. While some mods have seen the birth of completely new titles take place. Obviously, No Mans Sky will be online for a lot of the time, so the mods won't effect the community at large. But I for one will be seeking out the changes that players wish to include after its release date!

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

The PC version of No Man's Sky isn't really discussed by Hello Games. Naturally Sony is looking to focus player's attention on the PS4 edition. Therefore, the modding community will have to wait maybe until 2016 until they can make their own stamp on this universe. But what exactly would you like to see included in No Man's Sky that the developers may have restricted?

Personally, I'd love to see more communities on its release date. The game doesn't seem to have factions or peoples existing in the universe. We won't be pulling up to randomly generated cities unfortunately, and that's something I'd love to engage with. But I wonder whether players will influence the procedural generation or simply create their own worlds. What would you like to see modded into No Man's Sky on its release date for the PC?


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