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So, the latest Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer has landed, and it's giddying like a beautiful waking dream. But, with its obscene awesomeness comes a closer look at Episode VII's overarching villain Kylo Ren, and he looks... well, pretty cool is quite the understatement.

Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren

But what about the full costume and his incredible helm? When will we be offered a closer look at the garb of this potential badass? Well, Tim Veekhoven of the Belgian Star Wars Fan Club came across some beautiful art work online, displaying the might of the burgeoning Empire; focusing on Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma and some new stormtroopers that are fairly handy with a flamethrower.

Though the authenticity of the art is still questionable - is it fan art, is it official - the quality of the work is absolutely top notch.

Check them out:

Kylo Ren's helm is exquisite, and far superior to the yellow helm that was teased late last year.

Here's Captain Phasma and her(?) troops, now including the awesome looking incendiary troopers! Cannot wait to see Phasma in action.

And here's the whole team together in a villainous tableau. And, and a shot of the new Empiric emblem!

Even more exciting, right? But, as I said earlier, these may very well be fan art. So don't go getting too worked up. Saying that, if this is fan art... holy crap, artist! You're amazing!

What do you think?

Here, have your 30th look at The Force Awakens' second trailer, because why not?

(Source: Tim Veekhoven via Twitter)


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