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For all that trailers, leaked images and early promo pictures can help to define a movie, for many of us it remains the film's poster that sticks in our mind the longest, and irrevocably alters our expectations - and our experiencing - of some of the most exciting movies of our time.

When you think Jurassic Park, for instance, it's hard to escape that iconic silhouetted dinosaur logo. With Batman, the original movie practically IS that gigantic shining logo. And with The Avengers, so much of what the movie became to us was, in part at least, defined by that already iconic group shot.

What, though, if classic movies had gone a very different way with their original posters? Would our experience of the movie's have been altered in some way? We'll most likely never know for sure - but as it turns out:

Fan-Made Posters Give Us a Glimpse of a Very Different Superhero Movie World

One in which, for instance:

Captain America is a WAY More Serious War Movie

By Alex4everdn

Or, alternatively...

Captain America Gets Even More Ridiculously Awesome

By shokxone-studios

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a Whole Lot More Focused on the Versus Part of Its Name

By dDsign

The Dark Knight Rises Goes All Star Wars

By alexanderstojanov

X-Men: First Class Gets Hip As Hell

By Kelvin Chan

Iron Man 2 Gets Seriously Badass

By Tyler Stout

Watchmen Goes All Period On Us

By StuntmanKamil

The Avengers Gets Animated

By Jegang

And, of course...

Guardians of the Galaxy Visits Its Western Roots

By Marie Bergeron

...And, of Course, Embraces Its Star Wars Heritage

By Matt Ferguson

What do you reckon, though?

via The Mary Sue, io9


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