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Sports mascots are supposed to inspire people, getting the crowd on their feet and rallied behind their team. They're meant to unite the spectators into a single mass, concentrating their support into an unstoppable force of loud jeering designed to intimidate the opposition until they submit to defeat.

These following mascots, on the other hand, don't just intimidate the visiting team, but instead seem specifically designed to scare the shit out of every living soul in the stadium!

These are some of the strangest yet hilarious mascots you'll ever see let loose on a playing field...

The King Cake Baby

This terrifying toddler looks like he's positively tripping balls, with a crazed stare that seems to silently whisper: "I will happily murder your entire family for a single crumb of king cake." I don't even know what king cake is, but please baby - just take it all!

The Illinois Grey Ghost

This state sports specter would've haunted me for days as a child!

Purdue Pete

Frontman for the Purdue Boilermakers football team, Pete looks like he might be just a little unhinged. Also, is that a sledgehammer?

Willie the Thoroughly Disturbing Wildcat

Perhaps the most frightening of all, Willie may have taken the "wild" in "wildcat" a little too literally.

However, despite his alarming appearance, he wasn't perturbed by integrating with the student community - here he is getting some last minute cramming done in the library...

It's always good to have a back-up career. You know, if this whole creepy mascot thing doesn't work out...

The Stanford Tree

Less creepy and more perplexing, the Stanford Tree has to be one of the most insane mascots I've ever seen.

Amorous Alan

I think it's his perpetual wink that freaks me out so much. Like, is he just always flirting with everyone?

Nebraska's Lil' Red

Lil' Red's emotionless thousand yard stare tells me this mascot has seen some properly messed up stuff in his time. Numbed by his experiences, he smiles on the outside, whilst weeping uncontrollably within.

The TCU Horned Frog

"It's ok, go ahead and kiss the inexplicable one-eyed spiky thing, honey," said no one ever.

The Duke Devil

As soon as the devil arrived, the screaming crowd panicked and quickly vacated the stadium, leaving Beelzebub to twiddle his pitchfork alone.

Oregon's Hungover Duck

Looks like someone had quite the night. Being hungover in a sweltering hot duck suit sounds like a very special kind of Hell. Heck, I'd cheer him on!


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