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Jarrett Rives

Ok so there is a problem facing Hollywood right now, The problem is so many superhero movies i mean come on we have x-men, spiderman, superman, batman, captain America, iron man, thor, suicide squad, and more on the way. Now most of you are probably like "look at this guy what douche" but i mean with all them they are gonna over due them like they did with action movies in the 80's or scfi in the 60's and 70's its gonna get overdone. However they can fix it by doing a big movie with all of them in one like Marvels Secret Wars or Dc's Justice League.

Now i might have your attention ok Then as the move along bring new characters and villains. The possibilities are endless and most people would argue the more the better because the get old ok true but cgi has come along so much that you can bring people back from the dead (Paul Walker) so why couldnt you just use that to make a really big movie. Now you like but to much cgi could ruin the movie my argument is Avatar nuf said. So is this a way to go yes will they most likely not but its idea.

With all that being said comment your thought and like share and please check out my book on amazon its The FairyFolk Tales its a good read for kids as well as adults thanks.


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