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We've been waiting for another glimpse and now it's here. Could this movie suck? Absolutely yes, but this teaser absolutely delivered. It had the best mix of action, emotion, and scope... and chrome troopers, and the color red, and music. Here are my thoughts on the next teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens... (speaking of which, that name is really growing on me)

1. Han Solo and Chewbacca:

I just about died when I saw them. I've seen this thing probably 50 times and that part still gives me shivers. What made that moment even better was the fact that the two were inside the Millennium Falcon...and you have to give it to Chewie, he hasn't aged a day, and neither has his bowcaster... Also, I'm really glad that Leia and Luke (and for that matter C3PO) didn't get the same screen time. This was just enough to keeps us happy...

2. Luke's Lightsaber:

Luke lost that saber at the end of the Bespin duel, this shot of the saber being handed is very intriguing. How was it retrieved? Who has it now? Who will get to turn it on if not Luke? Luke's speech (from Return of the Jedi) implied that the shot in question included Leia, but we never see her.

3. Vader's Helmet:

That shot of Vaders helmet was chilling. Did Luke just leave it on Endor after burning Vader? He didn't make sure to get rid of...say...his helmet? (so fanatics wouldn't get ahold of it) Who retrieved it if not him? Why? My guess is Kylo Ren, the new villain. Regardless...Just getting to hear the breathing sound during the teaser was more than a treat...

4. Minimal Lightsaber Action:

Other than Kylo Ren's now famed hilted saber, we didn't see any lightsabers turn on (much less any battles). This is such a great move because the prequels truly cheapened the lightsaber by over using it (By the time I saw Obi-Wan and Anakin fight, I felt like I was watching a video game parody of a lightsaber battle). This teaser treated the lightsaber with more respect, after all, it is an elegant weapon for a more civilized movie...

5. That Graveyard Planet:

I'm reading that it's called Jakku or Jakkoo, or Tatooine 2.0...Whatever the case, clearly those are fallen ships from either the end of the the war with the Empire or some other battle we've not heard of yet...If that was Han and Chewie flying in the Falcon, and if this is a new planet, why would Han say they are "home" (unless he's referring to the Falcon)?

I can't say enough about how on the mark this teaser was. It has raised all the right questions and has only helped solidify my confidence in this movie doing the series justice. We've needed a good Star Wars film for a while now, lets hope this one's it...


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