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Movie Pilot's celebrity savant
Karly Rayner

These smart couples have all cleverly avoided getting a regrettable tattoo of their future ex-partner's name with these awesome creative solutions.

Check out the tattoos for two below and see how inking makes the heart grow fonder!

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Image: CJreye

May the Finger be with You

Image: Toadbacon

The Only Way is Up

Image: Pepperedpotts


Image: Nigerianthunderporn

What a Peach!

Image: Patzor

Puppy Love

Image: Pintrest

True Friends Are Hard to Come By

Image: Bonestown

A Feline Canine Little Catdog

Image: Imgkid

Kiss the Girl

Image: Pintrest

The Heart Knight

Image: Smosh


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