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Now, when it comes to discussing which upcoming Marvel movie is the most eagerly anticipated of the summer, it's no real surprise that few of us are likely to look much further than the soon-to-arrive Avengers: Age of Ultron. After all, it not only features big-hitters like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor - but pretty much everyone else the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer.

By comparison, then, Ant-Man - Marvel's other movie this year - seems something of a major step down in terms of excitement levels. The thing is, though - that was also true of Guardians of the Galaxy, which opened just a few months after the far more eagerly anticipated Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And look how that turned out...

Well. It turned out well.
Well. It turned out well.

It's seemingly set to be fascinating, then, to watch the next few months of Ant-Man related enthusiasm unfold - as from the looks of the recently released trailer - and these accompanying screenshots from it - we seem to have our best look yet at the movie.

And it's looking a whole lot better than most of us thought...

First up:

The Trailer

Which, in and of itself, is pretty darned awesome - but take a closer look at what's inside, and it gets even better.

After all, we're talking...

Ant-Man Doing Stuff

Corey Stoll Being All Corporate

Hope and Hank Scheming

Scott Having a Bad Time in Jail

...A Really, Really Bad Time

Though, For Good Reason, It Seems

But, It All Looks Set to Turn Around

Though There Will Be Ants

So Many Ants...

As Well as Bullet-Like Ant-Men

Fighting Ant-Men

Training Ant-Men

Helmeted Ant-Men

Dastardly Yellowjackets

With Even Cooler Armor

Giant Hands

Daylight Confrontations

From Both Angles

And, of course...

Thomas the Tank Engine

Just because.

What do you reckon, though?



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