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Oh boy, Star Wars fans have been having a field day this week.

With the second teaser trailer yesterday (that last line still leaves me in tears), the BB8 reveal earlier today and just now a sneak peak at the DICE reboot of the franchise's standout game (sorry KOTOR), I can imagine every Star Wars fan on the planet, myself included, has gone into overdrive mode. All this new information but no idea what to do with it!

With the second teaser done to death when it comes to Easter Eggs and rundowns, I thought I'd draw attention to the prime focus of today's Star Wars news, the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront instead. If you haven't yet seen the new trailer, just take a second now...

You may also want to take another second to recover...

As well as the new trailer, the guys over at DICE were happy to reveal several key details about both the new game and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For anyone who played either of the first two Battlefront games, or in fact anyone even remotely interested in Star Wars or video games, pay attention, as I present:

The Need-To-Know of Star Wars: Battlefront

*gurgling sounds*
*gurgling sounds*

1. No More Clone Wars.

Yup. No more clone troopers. No more battle droids. No more trade negotiations.

I certainly wouldn't call it a bad thing, but it was the change that made me feel the most disheartened. As a lifelong fan, I never had an issue with the prequels. It was only when I became aware of pop culture that my opinion changed but I'll still watch them any day.

Sadly, it seems like the new team are trying to brush the prequels under the rug, as if to say: "Yeah, they happened, now let's move along; forget that." The prequels don't deserve the hate they get, and in my personal opinion the clone warfare was one of the better aspects of the trilogy.

Star Wars: Battlefront will instead focus exclusively on the Galactic Civil War between the Rebellion and the Empire, waging war across many planets including Hoth, Endor and Sullust, a planet featured only in the Expanded Universe before now.

2. It Leads Into The Force Awakens.

Okay, I lied about the game only being set during the Galactic Civil War. Alongside the main game, the synopsis for a free DLC pack called "Battle of Jakku" was also revealed. It read:

"The pivotal moment when the New Republic confronted key Imperial holdouts on a remote desert planet on the Outer Rim. Taking place in the aftermath of the Rebel victory in the Battle of Endor, players will experience the events that created the massive, battle-scarred landscape of Jakku shown in Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

This tells us a lot:

  • That Star Wars: Battlefront will act as a prequel to The Force Awakens in some aspects.
  • Jakku will be a heavily recurring location in the future of Star Wars.

In the EU, the New Republic was the name given to the Rebellion following the Battle of Endor. However, after the Expanded Universe got retconned, any trace of its existence vanished. While this may not be the same New Republic we know and love, the fact that the two share the same name gives me hope that the Expanded Universe is far from dead.

Earlier during a panel, JJ Abrams revealed that the desert planet we've seen in both teaser trailers is sadly not Tatooine but is instead a brand new planet named Jakku. A few hours later, news broke that Jakku would also be featuring in Battlefront as a downloadable map to build up to the premier of The Force Awakens.

Pew! Pew! Kaboom!
Pew! Pew! Kaboom!

3. It'll Follow The Same Theme As Previous Battlefront Games.

When I first heard DICE had assumed control over the new Battlefront game, I admit I didn't feel confident. Star Wars: Battlefront II had been one of my favorite video games on Playstation 2 back in the day and I was afraid it's legacy was destined to become nothing more than a reskinned version of Battlefield.

Fortunately, it seems we were in good hands after all.

The new game will allow online matches of up to forty players at a time and will keep the class-based system seen in previous games. It'll also allow the player to switch between first and third person view, much like the PC versions of earlier games.

Players will also be rewarded with the ability to play as their favorite heroes and villains, with Boba Fett and Darth Vader starring in the trailer. DICE has also made the decision to include splitscreen play both cooperatively and against each other. In an industry focused primarily on online play, it's nice to see companies recognising what the player still wants.

*heavy breathing*
*heavy breathing*

4. It Isn't Just An Updated Version Of Previous Games

DICE has made it clear that this game is not a sequel to the Battlefront games of the last decade but rather its own separate piece. While it certainly takes inspiration from those games, it's made sure to add brand new features that let it stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, character customisation is apparently a big aspect of the game, allowing you to mix and match weapons, armor and abilities to create your own personal soldier. The trailer also hinted at brand new items such as that awesome-looking force field generator.

The new game also promises faster action and bigger battles, allowing simultaneous ground and air combat on a single map. Vehicles will play a much bigger part, controlling the tide of the battle rather than being a quick transport or a way of reaching the end of the world (if you ever played Kashyyyk in Battlefront II you'll know what I mean).

Does that look sweet or does that look sweet?
Does that look sweet or does that look sweet?

5. DICE Know What The Fans Want.

From the Millennium Falcon to the focus on the Original Trilogy, DICE's version of Star Wars: Battlefront is set to be the best yet. The trailer just screams fan service and I can guarantee there'll be even more information before Star Wars Celebration concludes in Anaheim on 19th April.


Are you excited for Star Wars: Battlefront?


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