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Since the first trailer where we got a glimpse of the Hulkbuster Armor and The Hulk engaging in combat everybody has been speculating whether or not Planet Hulk will be happening and right now no that is not a possibility due to Universal owning the rights but let me give you an example of a little hero named Spider-Man. Up until not long ago every person who said Spider-Man was going to be in the MCU was regarded as an idiot and with good reason too until we see these emails leak from Sony and there is proof of discussions happening between Sony and Disney to try and get Spider-Man back after that the people who were speculating all of a sudden weren't too silly. fast forward a few months down the track and we all get these reports that Spider-Man has joined the cinematic universe. We also find out that even though Marvel made this big Phase 3 announcement a couple of months before hand they had already planned all of it to fit Spider-Man. So even though right now Kevin Feige and Mark Ruffalo are saying no it won't happen, it can't happen. It does not mean they don't plan for it.

Anyway lets get onto what this article is about. In a recent interview done by Fox 5 (watch the interview here: it is revealed that the scene where all the Avengers are charging forward in the same line is *SPOILER ALERT* at the start of the film *SPOILER END* and yes there is another scene shown in the trailers with him standing with the Avengers but Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver aren't in that shot we all know they eventually change sides to fight against Ultron, there is also a scene with them all in a ship and Bruce Banner is tied up in a straight jacket. Now one reason that people think Planet Hulk is not happening is because he'll have to be Hulk all the time and that's not plausible in the live action movies but! When they send him to this planet his human "puny Banner" form might not be able to breath that air so he starts to suffocate and when he starts to suffocate he starts to panic. What happens when Bruce Banner panics? His heart rate skyrockets turning him into the Hulk and Hulk's exposure to gamma radiation could mean that he has no problem breathing on this planet which also means Banner has to be the Hulk and stay as the Hulk to survive. Here is how I think the plot will go; After Scarlett Witch took over Bruce Banner's mind turning him into the Hulk causing all the damage he did the Avengers decide that the Hulk is too dangerous to have on Earth and that they need to send him somewhere where he can't harm anyone, and then of course he encounters the worm hole and you know the rest.

I could explain the spin off this could create and what could happen in Avengers 5 (cough World War Hulk cough) but that is a-whole-nother article that will need to be created when the time comes.

I would like to apologize for the argument on my last article I am very vocal about my opinion and unfortunately people don't like that very often. I'm not going to let it stop me from asking your opinion though if you believe this can't work put this in the comment section below respectfully explaining why and likewise if you have more reasons why it could work.

As mentioned on all my other articles be here late Wednesday night when I review Avengers Age of Ultron.

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