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Netflix is welcomed by a number of foreign companies, including some European and Australian organizations, as it is expected that the the collaboration with foreign firms would increase its market share.

The American internet media services provider, Netflix, has started to receive preferential treatment from a number of broadband firms abroad. Netflix news reported that various companies have welcomed the presence of the service provider in their host countries, as they have opened their networks for the media-streaming firm. This foreign experience differs from its domestic experience.

In the United States of America, the local firms have battled with it over Internet laws and network traffic arrangements. In Sweden, the cable service provider, Com Hem Group, consolidated the company’s media service into its TiVo box as a part of its promotional campaign that has provided users with three months of free access to the video service. The Germany-based Deutsche Telekom AG also collaborated with the service provider and offered six months of free service for some new users in Austria.

Apart from European companies, the Australian Internet service provider, Telstra Corp, signed a deal to incorporate Netflix’s servers into its network and on its new top boxes. The other Australian service provider, Optus Ltd. and iiNet Ltd., have taken a step further and signed a deal with the American organization to relieve its traffic from data surcharges. Netflix news today informed that the agreement would ensure the provision of the service to a larger number of users. IiNet includes Apple Inc.’s iTunes store and other services in its zone.

Netflix breaking news affirmed that the partnerships with the foreign high-tech ‘entities’ would play their role in ensuring the rapid expansion of the company in 200 countries. This information explains that the management is interested in grabbing a larger share of the international market, as it is currently serving the residents of 50 countries. An official of Netflix has stated that the organization has increased its number of international customers to 21,000,000, as the demand for its services has grown at a rapid pace.

The Chief Executive Officer, Reed Hastings, stated that the signed agreements would contribute in helping the business to grow, as he believed that the collaborations have added to the potential of the company. A number of experts have criticized the Australian deals, as some believe that it has the potential to provide its services to a larger number of users. Now it is yet to be seen that to what degree do the deals are able to play their role in increasing the pace of the organizational expansion.


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