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1 - Fan Art: Disney goes to Westeros for Game of Thrones crossover! by Emma Richardson

Do you like Disney? Do you like Game of Thrones? Wow, you have a wide spectrum of interests. In that case, then this Disney/GoT crossover art by Emma Richardson is sure to be to your liking. The most impressive part is how very accurate each character has been designated to its counterpart.

2 - THE UPSIDE: What Director Patty Jenkins Brings to Wonder Woman by

With news that Wonder Woman lost it's director Michelle Maclaren earlier this week and further news that the superheroine movie will now be helmed by Patty Jenkins, this creator starts off their Moviepilot posts with an excellent look at why this can be a good thing, and what it means for the movie. A must read for DC fans!

3 - Marvelous TARDIS: The Doctor and the Avengers, Together At Last!!! by Marc Aquino

Raise you hand if you're a Doctor Who fan! *Raises hand* Well fellow Whovians, this is your lucky day because new Creator Marc Aquino is here to present you with an awesome Doctor Who/Avengers mash-up that you are going to want to see. Set to the audio of the first trailer for the Avengers 2, this amazing crossover uses Doctor Who footage to create this epic and intense trailer for "Doctor Who: Age of Saxon". I mean come on, how great does that sound?

4 - Upcycled Star Wars Fan Art Series by Gabriel Dishaw

Just in time for the epic release of the trailer release for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens comes the unbelievably talented Moviepilot Creator Gabriel Dishaw with a selection of 'upcycled' Star Wars art. This has to be seen to be believed, as Gabriel turns recycled materials into astonishing works of art that all Star Wars fan will be desperate to have in their homes.

5 - The Top 10 Best Vamp Films of All Time! by Lauren Victoria

Let's be honest, at one point in our lives we've all enjoyed a good old vampire movie. Whether you're a die-hard Twilight fan, have seen all 4 of the Underworld films or just couldn't get enough of The Lost Boys, there's bound to be a vampire movie out there that you like. Haven't found that one film yet? Well, fear not because new Creator Lauren Victoria has put together a list of "the Top 10 Best Vampire Films of All Time".

6 - How an Artist Interprets MARVEL'S Age Of Ultron by Keshav Rathnavel

With only two weeks left until the long awaited release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, fans are trying to control their excitement in a myriad of ways. One fan in particular, Keshav Rathnavel is getting ready for the big date by paying homage to his favorite heroes the best way he knows how. In his inaugural Moviepilot post, Keshav lets us take a look over his shoulder as he recreates The Avengers in his own fantastic style.

7 - EPIC VOICE review Daredevil & more! by Jon Bailey

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of Honest Trailers, then you’re in luck! Jon Bailey and his epic voice have come to Moviepilot to share the latest in movie and TV reviews.

8 - The Science of Ant-Man by Matt Cook

Marvel has an incredible lineup for fans this year, and one of the biggest (or tiniest) names on that marquee is Ant Man. With the recent release of the second trailer, it already seems to be a very polarising film - people are either excited or want nothing to do with it. In his first article, MP new comer Matt Cook takes the neutral stance and looks at the source of Ant Man’s power from a scientific perspective, ultimately telling us how this film could be a rather BIG deal.

9 - Four Reasons Why Fanfiction is Awesome by Sid Kitsune

Having been a major reader of fan fiction in the past, I loved reading new Creator Sid Kitsune's post on why the genre is awesome. Whether it's just a bit of fun or you are following your true passion in writing, it's a great way to engage with your fandom and express yourself!

10 - Studio Ghibli + Doctor Who - Because, Why Not? by Mikaela Thomas

And the fan art just keeps coming! If you've ever dreamt of being swept away on a magical adventure but can't decide on going with Studio Ghibli or the BBC, fear not! Artist and first time poster, Mikaela Thomas has created a stunning mashup featuring the famous blue box!

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