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Hey everyone! I recently got nominated for the Getting To Know You tag by the lovely Rosalyn!

It all started like this, Kat tagged Tom, Tom tagged Dana, Dana tagged Cassie, Cassie tagged Kuri, Kuri tagged Rosalyn, and Rosalyn tagged me. Now I'm tagging Ly Velez!

I think that this is an awesome and fun way to get to know and interact with different Creators from the Moviepilot community!

Let's get this started!

Rosalyn's to me!

1. What is the weirdest film that you've ever seen?

Ok, so I might get a lot of hate for this but to this day I think Beetlejuice is the weirdest movie that I've ever seen. I am a HUGE Tim Burton Fan but this movie is just so bizarre. Just because I think it's weird, it doesn't mean I don't like it. But watching that movie as a child left me weirded out and still confuses me to this day.

2. If you could be a Disney Princess, which would you be?

My dearest Rosalyn is well aware that I am a Disney fanatic and I am so excited to be answering a Disney question. If I could be any Disney Princess I would have to be Princess Jasmine. She's been my favorite Disney Princess of all time and I recently met her for the first time last July. Here's a picture of that magical moment:

3. Finally, do you play games? Share with us some titles you love!

I grew up playing with Nintendo. I love playing the classic Nintendo 64 games (Diddy Kong Racing, Mortal Kombat, Banjo Kazooie) and I still play them to this day. I also loved playing with my Nintendo DS and Wii. I'm currently playing DC Comic's Infinite Crisis and I'm loving it!

My for Ly!

1. What TV Show are you currently watching/obsessed with?

2. What was the most recent movie you watched and love?

3. If you went to Hogwarts, which house would you want to be sorted into and why?

I had such a great time reading everyone's and being apart of it! Looking forward to seeing more!


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