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If you were on the fence about Ant-Man, the latest trailer hopefully set you straight on what could be the funniest and most imaginative and inventive Marvel movie to date. Sure, maybe you're still smarting from Edgar Wright hitting the eject button on the movie but the new trailer shows off a lot of great moments and gives audiences a better sense of the amount of fun the movie is going to have by taking the action to miniature scale.

So what did what else did we learn from the new trailer? Well, it definitely set some rumors about the Ant-Man movie straight and from some other recently released spoilers we have a better idea of exactly what we're seeing in this new footage. But lets start at the beginning.

Ant-Man's Darren Cross & Hank Pym

The start of the trailer reveals our West Coast setting and looks to be part of a flashback of sorts. We know Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) eventually takes over Pym Technologies and transforms it into Cross Technologies. We see the Pym logo outside and inside the building and it looks like we get the moment when Darren Cross steals the spotlight from Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) before he goes on to steal his Ant-Man tech to create the Yellowjacket suit.

We look over Hank Pym's shoulder at Darren Cross.
We look over Hank Pym's shoulder at Darren Cross.

It was previously reported, even in some interviews with cast members, that Hank Pym's daughter Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) might be on Cross' side and that Darren Cross didn't just steal Pym's technology but he also made off with his daughter. Maybe she does start of the movie as someone who leaves Cross when he crosses the line and develops Yellowjacket as a military device. Either way, Hope Van Dyne is clearly on the good guy's side in the Ant-Man movie.

Scott Lang: Expert Breaking & Entering Man

One of the plot points that seemed to veer back and forth was whether or not the Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) that we would see in the movie would be a petty thief or an expert burglar. The trailer sets the record straight as we see an agile Scott Lang doing his B&E thing. What raises another question is the mysterious shot of what looks like the inside of an ATM. What's up with this? Is the Ant-Man movie also giving Scott Lang some electronic skills in his thieving resume?

The mysterious money shot of the Ant-Man trailer.
The mysterious money shot of the Ant-Man trailer.

This would make some sense as there's a long history to Ant-Man being something of a technical whiz - and it could make for another fine reason why Hank Pym would pick Scott Lang as his protege if he has some knowledge of how to get past electronic security systems or how to hack into something like an ATM. Or perhaps Scott Lang has a moment of weakness with the Ant-Man suit and decides to see how the technology could help his burglar career? Really, I don't know what's up with this money shot in the Ant-Man trailer.

Ant-Man's "God Like" Powers

In some of the voice-over we hear Hank Pym warning about this technology getting into the wrong hands - the fear of Darren Cross' plans of mass producing the Yellowjacket technology. This is a reminder that Ant-Man isn't just about shrinking to a tiny size and gaining exponential strength. The technology also comes with some cool telepathy powers and the new trailer has some moments where Lang is getting used to his power over ants by spinning a penny and taking part in a bit of a "running of the ants" moment in a drain pipe where he uses his powers to create an ant raft to keep him afloat.

Ant-Man joins in the annual running of the ants.
Ant-Man joins in the annual running of the ants.

But it does look like Scott Lang is a quick study, and the movie looks to really come alive in playing with all the possibilities of Ant-Man capabilities - especially in the footage that show Ant-Man running up to a wall, shrinking, jumping through a bullet-hole, enlarging and flipping a guy, shrinking, running up the barrel of a gun up his arm and punching him out. Very cool.

What the trailer doesn't show us is that the Ant-Man technology also comes with the powers to enlarge other things. And this is rumored to be a definite factor in the Ant-Man movie. It taps into the Marvel history of Hank Pym's character - someone who created tech that didn't just result in Ant-Man but also turned him into Giant-Man and Goliath.

Ant-Man Gets Training From The Wasp

One of the major questions surrounding the Ant-Man movie is whether or not we'll be seeing The Wasp emerge. Right now, the odds seem to be about 50/50 with a strong possibility that this is definitely something Marvel has planned for Evangeline Lilly, but that it won't actually happen in this first Ant-Man movie.

The Wasp teaches Scott Lang a thing or two.
The Wasp teaches Scott Lang a thing or two.

The folks over at JoBlo recently ran a spoiler heavy scoop on some of the upcoming MCU movies and while they confirm that Wasp will be showing up in the Marvel cinematic universe, just not in this year's Ant-Man. They're also running with a rumor that Ant-Man will indeed be taking part in Captain America: Civil War, with Scott Lang on team Iron-Man. Maybe that's when we'll see The Wasp emerge?

Yellowjacket vs Ant-Man

The Ant-Man movie spoilers say that we are in store for two big fights between Yellowjacket and Ant-Man. The first, which sounds very cool indeed, will take place in a suitcase that is falling through the air after being dropped from a helicopter. The items in the suitcase, like a pack of Lifesavers, an iPhone and keys are said to be objects that play a role in the big fight. We've seen some of the helicopter footage in the trailer and we've also caught a glimpse of this suitcase battle as well.

Thomas the Tank Engine vs Yellowjacket!
Thomas the Tank Engine vs Yellowjacket!

The other climactic battle of the movie between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket got a bit more play in the trailer. This showdown on a model train set takes place in the bedroom of Scott Lang's daughter - and on top of what we've already seen, this one is rumored to really put their enlarging powers into play while the two are firing away at each other in their miniature states - accidentally creating a huge ant in the room and eventually ending the Thomas the Tank Engine crashing out the side of the house and into the street below.

Sound crazy enough for you? What do you think? Has the new trailer turned your opinion around on the [Ant-Man](movie:9048) movie? Or did it just reinforce your anticipation for the debut of Marvel's new superhero? Head to the comments to add your thoughts and favorite moments of the new trailer!


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