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I am a huge fan of horror films, and I have really enjoyed the increasing use of technology in films like Paranormal Activity, Mama, and Sinister.

My favorite horror film of all time, however, is The Exorcist, which came out in 1973, a whole seventeen years before I was born. There is something so simple and so raw about this film that chilled me to my core and caused me to sleep in my parents' bed for three months straight at the age of fourteen.

The face that haunted me for months
The face that haunted me for months

With no use of advanced technology and CGI, this film felt more real to me than anything that had come out in recent years. Some other older bone-chilling films are Rosemary's Baby and The Omen.

I love films, pictures, or objects that are terrifying. But terrifying AND vintage? Oh man, I am ready for a freak out. Below is a collection of photos from way back when that is sure to make the hair on the back of your neck stand.

1. Who's The Real Dummy? - SWAP

If he was the only friend I had, I'd rather be alone.

2. Smoking Skeleton

The coat is looking sharp. His creepy face, not so much.

3. Hair of Secrets

These girls already look like ghosts and they're least I think they are.

4. The Boys Behind The Masks

Just your typical group of neighborhood boys. Complete with some of the frightening masks I have ever seen.

5. Cartoon Man

I would probably die if I looked out of my window and saw this man standing at my gate. Get off my property, you sinister stranger!

6. Eerie Dumpty

Doesn't she know the tale? Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

7. Kid In The Box

What's with those faces? Why are they in boxes? What are these kids doing in the middle of a forest? Too many questions and some of them I don't want to know the answers to.

8. I Hope Those Are Dolls

And not tiny children skeletons wrapped up to look like play things.

9. Macabre Cadaver

That man looks a little too proud and jolly to be standing over some dead dude, surrounded by god knows what is hanging on the walls.

10. A Man And His Mini Friend

Both have insanely nervous looking smiles. I now feel incredibly uncomfortable.

11. Car Resurrection

This car must hold some sort of magic that a group of people dressed in cult-ish black robes would perform some strange ritual over it.

12. Rat Fest

That's one way to go, I suppose. Thinking about how big the rats must have been is making me shudder hardcore.

13. Witchy Sisters

How the hell are these two people floating in the air? They have to be witches. The only positive thing about this picture is it gives me the hope that Hogwarts truly exists.

And now I am in the mood to sit back, watch a horrifying flick or two, and hopefully go to sleep peacefully tonight without these ghoulish images engrained in my mind. Will you be able to?

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