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Here at Moviepilot, we love Disney . They're very arguably one of the biggest entertainment empires of all time (and at the very least, the most well known). To be frank, there's not much you can complain about when it comes to Disney. However, you can't win 'em all, as they say.

I learned a lot of important lessons growing up from Disney about friendship, family, triumph, and failure. But the thing is, there have been a lot of well-documented "WTF" moments in Disney's history.

Here are a few...

1. I'm sure most kids never noticed but the leader of the crows Dumbo encounters is named "Jim Crow", harkening back to the racist caste system from the early to mid 20th century

2. A lot of people are aware of this one, but the Peter Pan Native American interaction where he smokes peyote with them, they dance wildly, and sing the "What Makes The Red Man Red?" song... all pretty objectively messed up

3. Yeah, it was 1932, but there's still not much of an excuse for this depiction of African tribesmen in "Trader Mickey" in which they try to eat Mickey and Pluto

4. More xenophobia up in here as we have "Mickey in Arabia", in which Mickey and Minnie have to deal with the restless natives in the Middle East

5. The Big Bad Wolf was hella Jewish back in 1933 during a point when he decided to dress up in a disguise

6. In 'Mickey's Man Friday', there's a subservient slave type situation going on with Mickey and this African who is somehow forever grateful for his help and wants to be his trusty servant

7. In "Cannibal Capers", we see even more seemingly unnecessary racism aimed at African tribesmen who are cannibals for some reason. 1935 though.

8. This. From the 'Aristocats', a slanty-eyed cat played the piano with chopsticks which seems logistically difficult

9. In 'Der Fuehrer's Face', Donald Duck dreams that he joins the Nazis which is quite clearly weird and inappropriate entertainment for kids... it was 1943, though

10. I mean, the Nazis were kind of terrible, but I'm not sure kids were ready for all of this religious and political propaganda from 'Education For Death' which aired in 1943

11. Okay, last Nazi Germany related thing... In the film 'Hitler's Children', this kid gets stolen from his helpless mom and turned into a hardened Nazi soldier... because, warn the kids!

Once again, I have to reiterate that I love Disney. It's just that times have changed, and it's interesting to take a look back at some of this stuff and learn from it. I'm pretty sure they have.

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