ByTj Smith, writer at

Hello I am looking for an artist or two, or three who would be willing to collaborate on same fan fiction stories that I am writing for this sight. A recent story I wrote "Late Night With J. Jonah Jameson" was given the critique that it would be greatly improved if I had a real artist providing images to enhance the story rather then just googling images and adding them in.

I am not a dictator if you are welling to help me by providing your art I am more then willing to except your input on the direction of the future of not only this series but other stories I write in the future. I can't pay you so please don't get the wrong idea, but I would love to find an artist willing to help create great stories with for people all over the world to enjoy.

If this is you or you know someone who may be interested please leave a comment and lets make some magic together.


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