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Well, it's that time of year again, and I can't wait to engage in the yearly ritual of seeing what new First-Person Shooter game has us blasting away at Nazis and serving Hitler an Allied knuckle sandwich.

Within said depictions. the impending release of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood immediately triggered a catharsis:

After the release of Wolfenstein 3D, its' next-gen successor Return to Castle Wolfenstein was forever etched in the annals of my childhood with fond memories of escaping guarded castles. collecting Nazi treasure, surviving on mere scraps of my mother's homemade bratwurst....oh, wait: that last bit was my lunch. My bad!

Gameplay aside, it really captured what it meant to be a Dieselpunk WW2 game, with elements pertaining to war classics like Where Eagles Dare and The Dirty Dozen. To this day, it still perplexes me why this game hasn't been remembered as much as it should be.

Moving along, this begs the $640,000,000 question: If Wolfenstein is going to come crawling back out of the late 90's-era of game like a dungeon rat feasting on remnants of Cheddarwurst, then why don't the creators of XBOX One do all die-hard gamers a solid and release Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the XBOX Live Marketplace and remaster it like they did with Far Cry?

Well, XBOX, we're WAI-TING!

At the very least, if they're gonna try to bring back Wolfenstein, then they might as well throw in the Tides of War package as a DLC item.

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Thank you so much, guys! Stay tuned for more good stuff, and have an awesome Friday! Peace!


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