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Unrealized Thoughts

Honestly, I almost lost it when the leaked trailer dropped! It was great! The visuals, the concept, and the tone was amazing! I'm ready for this film! I want to make this clear... I'm a huge DC fan, SO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE!


One thing though... IT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR FANS! I'm looking at the comments for the trailer and people were hating on it. I thought about it and I came up with theories.

Waited Too Long?

In some ways, they have when it comes to the long wait for the movie. However, most of news about the BvS: DoJ was rumors. I hypothesize that there were times that the trailer was pulled back because everyone kept leaking info on it. There's a possibility Warner Bros wanted to surprise us and take the world by storm. Who knows...

Always Leaked Footage?

Although I did see positive feedback for the leaked trailer, it was still leaked. I personally think WB should of dropped the teaser in HD online before anyone could get to it for the shock value that they can get. Honestly, they need it now judging from all the hate they're getting. Now, officially dropped the trailer!

It's Too Dark?

That's exactly what I asked! What's wrong with being dark and gritty? What's wrong with separating yourself from the competition? I think DC is bold for even doing this. Putting everything on the line. I just can't wait for 2016!

Trolls will be trolls!

That's right! BTW, if you haven't read my DCCU: What Drew The Line? article, read it! Everyone has an opinion, but I noticed a lot fans still don't like it due to WB/DC crossing the line with whatever vision they had for the DCCU. Honestly, you can never satisfy fans!

Too Much Hype, But Underwhelmed??!!


With all the doubts, negative comments, and constant post about how "BvS will be terrible"... the last thing this movie is is OVERHYPED!! Some of us have our views on how WB wants press attention or how they want money, but the doubt for this film was there for a while. If anything, this film takes the round of the underdog! OH, btw... EVERY COMPANIES WANTS MONEY AND ATTENTION, at least the ones doing movies!!! People still complain about Batman...

I guess the next trailer will bring more people in, but honestly though... all the hate from this movie seems premature. This is the first trailer, so I'm not expecting anything mind-blowing (even though I watched it 20 times over lol), the next trailers down the road will be more impressive.

In Conclusion: WAY too early to say BvS is going to suck and I hate to say it, but also the same goes for awesome. This is the first trailer, and I'm impressed. Fans say they don't care but...

If you troll then you do care to a degree! When BvS dropped, that's the likely outcome! I think that Snyder and WB was going to drop trailer online to surprise fans and give an additional amount of runtime in IMAX, but the fans forced their hand. Who knows...


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