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This whole article contains spoilers! Read at your own risk!

You know what I'm talking about. When your favorite character (or one of them) makes a really bad decision and you know it's going to end badly. Or when your OTP (one true pair) break up or just don't even get together. Or, worst of all, when one of you favorite characters die.

The horror!

I watch tons of shows. I waste my life on them. Is it wasting your life if you're totally devoted? I dunno. Anyway, I see character deaths far more than I'm comfortable with and it always seems to be a character I love. Why is it that they never kill off the ones you hate? Here's looking at you, George R.R. Martin!

Here are some recent deaths that really struck a chord and made me want to write some very strong-worded letters to the heartless (yet amazing) people who did the killing:

Athelstan (Vikings):

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Athelstan's death really hurt me. He's been my favorite since the beginning. And then they just let one of my other favorites, Floki, kill him?! I knew Floki hated Athelstan; it was no secret. And I kind of expected Floki to kill Athelstan eventually. But I WASN'T READY!

What kind of monsters are those people over at History, anyway?

Jake Ballard (Scandal):

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NOOOOOOOOO. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, SHONDA?! I'm sure I cried and that I'm also still reeling. Like, what the hell is this? You can't kill Jake! Why not kill...Uhmmm...Why not kill.....JUST ABOUT ANYONE ELSE?!

What hurts me is that I didn't like Jake at first and then I grow to love the guy and BOOM she just lets Russell come in and stab him to death.

I'm really depressed over this one.

Malachai "Kai" Parker (Vampire Diaries):

Okay, so I missed Thursday's episode of Vampire Diaries, but I'm fairly certain Kai is gone. First of all, Chris Wood is already set to star in another of Julie Plec's shows. Secondly, Bonnie left him in 1903 with a bunch of starving vampires.

Kai's sarcasm, his charming smile and his wit are all reasons why we love him. And all reasons why we didn't want him dead.

Cisco Ramon (The Flash):

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Okay, so maybe Cisco didn't stay dead. Either time. But his death hurt me. And c'mon. We all knew that Wells--Eoborde Thawne--was going to kill him. I mean, he couldn't have Cisco there knowing his secret.

Thankfully, the people behind The Flash were kind enough to bring Cisco back (twice). In case you missed Tuesday's episode, Cisco kind of died from this bee sting, but then Barry brought him back.

Luke Gray (The Following):

Not so recent, but I'm still upset about it. Luke Gray (Sam Underwood) might have been a psychotic murderer, but there was something about him that I loved. Again, in case you didn't know, I have a thing for the psychos on television.

Now, his twin brother Mark has taken his place (though not in my heart) and is missing. Luke is kind of still around though, because Mark has these episodes where Luke talks through him. It's weird, but effective.

Finn Collins (The 100):

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I was never really a big fan of Finn (Thomas McDonell). All right, I was in the beginning, but then I met Bellamy and the rest is history. But this isn't about Bellamy, because he fortunately isn't dead.

In the episode, Spacewalker, Jason Rothenberg and all the other amazing writers for The 100 told the truth about Finn and why he really wasted all that oxygen on a space walk. It wasn't for him, but for Raven, whom he thought wasn't going to get to have her dream of being a Zero G mechanic, because she had a heart murmur.

So, they made us feel sorry for him, though they knew a lot of us didn't like him. And by the end of the episode when he died, I was sobbing. And Raven's (Lindsey Morgan) crying didn't help the situation.

Kol Mikaelson/Kaleb Westphall (The Originals/Vampire Diaries):

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When Kol Mikaelson (Nathaniel Buzolic) first died, it was tragic and awful. But when he was allowed to come back as Kaleb Westphall (Daniel Sharman) and then he was taken away again. Now, that's just rude.

Most of the time, Julie Plec is pretty good about giving the fans what they want. I mean, look at Klaroline, Steroline, etc. Even if it's just enough, it's still nice that she thinks of the fans. And now, even with Kol's death, we have the chance for him to return. In his original body, I do believe.

So, though Kol Mikaelson may be dead again, there is still hope. But it was still sad as crap.


I'm sure there are plenty of other recent TV deaths that I've missed. Which death impacted you the most? Which would you bring back?


Which death hurt you the most?


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