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Carly Shay is one of the original faces of web personalities. It was always enjoyable seeing Carly and her best friend Sam Puckett have a jolly ol' time in front of the camera for their show, and then getting to know what happens behind-the-scenes as we get an up close view of Carly, Sam, and their friends' lives.

Did you know that the theme song was sung by Miranda Cosgrove and another Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell? The girl has got serious talent!

Ever wonder what some major members of the cast are up to now? We have the answers!

Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay)

After iCarly, Cosgrove persevered with her acting career, appearing in Training Wheels, The Intruders, and lent her voice in the animated films Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, featuring Steve Carell, as well as A Mouse Tale.

As she continues acting, Cosgrove is simultaneously attending the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts and majoring in film. Keep an eye open, because this girl is going to continue to make waves in Hollywood!

Jeanette McCurdy (Sam Puckett)

Following iCarly, McCurdy also continued with acting, appearing in Swindle, Sam & Kat with Ariana Grande on Nickelodeon, as well as lending her voice for Almost Heroes 3D just to name a few. McCurdy has also created and acted in her own web series called What's Next For Sarah, which is loosely based on her life.

Did you know that McCurdy is also a writer? You can find her articles in The Wall Street Journal, Seventeen, and Huffington Post.

Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson)

Along with his fellow co-stars, Kress has also stayed in the business, appearing in Into the Storm, Growing Up Fisher, Hawaii Five-0, and even Sam & Kat with Jeanette McCurdy.

Besides a few newer credits in film and TV, not much more is known about Kress' current endeavors.

Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay)

Trainor stayed in the realm of Nickelodeon, starring in a show called Wendell & Vinnie, and appeared in Sam & Kat as well. He continued to provide voice-over work for the animated series T.U.F.F Puppies, another Nickelodeon production.

Trainor is currently busy with pre-production for Renaissance Girl, and also seems to be enjoying a heavy social life based off of his Instagram account.

Noah Munck (Gibby)

Noah Munck followed iCarly by appearing in Swindle and Sam & Kat with his co-star McCurdy. He is also a recurring character in the TV show The Goldbergs as Naked Rob.

A surprising fact about Munck is that he is also a DJ that goes by the name NoxiK, releasing singles and EPs on Sound Cloud and YouTube. Who knew that the boy has got some serious rhythm?

Mary Scheer (Marissa Benson)

Mary Scheer acted in Sam & Kat too, and then had a big part on 2 Broke Girls. Scheer also appears on McCurdy's web series What's Next For Sarah? as her therapist.

It seems as if Scheer is enjoying the quiet life, as she has fallen off the radar more recently.

It seems that Nickelodeon is one giant family that enjoys sticking with each other and working together as much as possible. If I had such an energetic and silly group surrounding me, I wouldn't want to let them go either. iCarly may not be around any longer, but thankfully Carly Shay is just a click away on the web if you ever need your iCarly fix.


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