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I had the awesome privilege of sitting down with the man, Michael Douglas, an amazing actor, producer, and just overall legend this past Wednesday. I talked to him about his film, Beyond the Reach, which he starred in and produced.

In short, it's an action-thriller about two men of very different backgrounds playing a deadly game of cat and mouse in the desert. Douglas was as bad-ass as you can possibly be in a film.

His character, John Madec, is a west coast finance guy with serious money to blow, and right when he's introduced we find out about a crazy purchase he made. One of THE most bad-ass cars I've ever seen... ridiculous, but awesome.

I mean, look at the thing. It's a 6-wheeler Mercedes and it's got a truly interesting backstory. As you'll see in the movie, it plays a huge part in the plot.

"It was cool. I mean, really really cool. I was talking to this friend of mine, one of the owners of the Formula One team McLaren which has Mercedes engines... he said, 'I gotta show you somethin'... only one [in existence], $600,000. Thanks to [my friend's] contacts, we got together and we showed them the script... they shipped it by air from Germany."

It's that kind of film. They didn't go with the Hummer or another more basic monster truck. They decided to go with the $600k Mercedes that doesn't exist anywhere else. It was necessary to highlight how ridiculously extravagant and monetarily reckless Douglas' character was. He also had a crazily expensive bad-ass rifle to go along with it.

I asked Michael about his inspiration for the role of John Madec.

"It was kind of a west coast version of Gordon Gekko, trophy hunter, just the way in your office you have those little plastic trophies of the companies you buy, this guy liked to collect trophy horns, bribed his way through, used to getting everything he wanted, kind of six degrees from Gekko, which I thought was a plus. People could go, 'oh I know that guy.'"

Both Madec and Gekko were objectively bad people, but you still fall victim to their swagger. Douglas explained it well.

"But you try to make him charming at first, and I got that out of the Gekko thing, I couldn't believe it, he's a criminal, but people were in awe of Gekko... they loved the way he dressed and all that stuff.

I asked him about the tough task of producing and acting on a project all at once.

"It's not fun. It really isn't. I try not to do it a lot, because the joy of acting is you get to be totally self-centered, you don't have to think about much of anything else. It's just your role and you're there in the moment. Producing, you have to see everything, you know you're aware of the day and getting your work done and this and that. So they kind of go against each other. So, I do it, but I can't say I love doing it. I love producing. I love acting. Just not necessarily at the same time."

I pried a bit about [Ant-Man](movie:9048) towards the end of our conversation. Douglas is going to appear in the film as Hank Pym, which should be epic.

"We just did a couple of days of ADR and looping and after effects. I saw some of the footage and it's really cool. Really really cool. I think Paul Rudd's got a wonderful, really great style about him, it's much more in the spirit of Guardians of the Galaxy, it's got a little more humor than some of the other stuff, but the effects are quite amazing. It's not going to hurt to be on the trailer for The Avengers either."

You can catch Beyond The Reach in theaters now!


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