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We all have been wondering:

Will HAwkeye and Black Widow be on Agents? We have the answer, or at least a clue

read an interview here:

What was the first reaction reading the script and then seeing the finished film?

Smulders: I haven’t seen the scr… [laughs] I haven’t read the script! I have somebody just give me my lines, it’s Shakespearean, I get my lines and wait for a pause. I haven’t seen the film but it took me like, always with these scripts it takes me a couple readings to really sink it in.

Renner: Dude seriously. That’s what I thought too. I see all these question marks I don’t get it! And then I see the movie and ‘Oh, yeah I get it now. That’s what we’re doing.’ It’s pretty dense.

Smulders: It takes a few reads. When you read those, it’s like this much action [with her fingers gestures a thick script] then a couple lines [of dialogue], then this much action, then a couple lines [of dialogue], it’s very action-heavy. I’m excited to see how that translates.

What do you like about being able to play the character in film and on TV?

Smulders: It’s really cool. First of all I love Clark Gregg so I like to do anything with him and it’s fun to pop into that world. It’s cool. It’s nice to be the through-line between the two. What they’re doing is very smart and very interesting in terms of sort of paralleling what’s happening with the movies and it’s cool to be that person who pops in and be like, ‘Hey, we’re doing this over here. Is everything going okay?’ That’s pretty much the dialogue I say, it’s really intense.

Have you convinced Mr. Renner that popping into the TV show is a good time?

Smulders: I don’t think I can convince Mr. Renner of anything, unless he wants to do it himself.

Renner: [Laughs] That’s the rub. That’s my rub, anyway.

Smulders: But it’s fun!

Renner: ‘C’mon in!’

Smulders: Water’s warm, friend.

Renner: Are you in there a lot?

Smulders: I did two episodes last year and who knows with this season.

Minimum time commitment, high fan satisfaction…

Smulders to Renner: A couple days.

Renner: Yeah but then I have to be in shape and it will take four months to be in shape.

Smulders: Oh God.


For you sir, was this Clint we see in Ultron the character pitched to you originally or something else?

Renner: Ah, a version of that version. Yeah, quite a bit of that was sort of what was supposed to happen in the first one but because of the difficulties of making an ‘Avengers’ movie, it had to be what it was.

It’s a nice surprise.

Renner: It is a nice surprise, fun. … It’s nice for people to [think] that I may or may not live. [That I'm] expendable.

During this interview, Cobie Smulders was trying to convince Jeremy Renner to come on Agents, as she has done andWill do later this seasojnI really hope Hawkeye will appear on Agents of ShieldHere are some ways he can on it:

Hawkeye and Mockingbird

We could see the fabled relationship between Hawkeye and Mockingbird in the comics, possibly during flashbacks

Theta Protocol

Hawkeye could join the Theta Protocol roster, with a group of people that could include:

Coulson, Skye, Raina, Lincoln, Deathlok, Fitz, Mockingbird, May, Ward, and Hunter

Civil War

I made this^
I made this^

It has already been revealed that Agents will lead into Civil War, so maybe he could have something to do with that, since his involvement has already been confirmed

Sorry for such a limited list, but that is all I could think of. I will add more if I can think of it


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