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Okay, let me start with Kai and those vamp-witches. First of all, just a tip for next time; if you're gonna trap a super powerful witch, who just happens to be the leader of his coven and puts the hot in psychotic, take some time to inform his sister. One thing we know for sure is that we don't want those vamp-witches out, but, let's just forget that Lily has the ascendant for a sec and focus on Kai. Jo mentioned something about Kai being turned into a vamp-witch and it got me thinking; in order for Kai to become a vampire he has to die and if he dies all the Gemini coven dies with him including Jo and the baby. So, they'll have to go back to the prison world to get Kai. But, if they bring Kai back then they'll have to do the same for the 6 other vamp-witches since Lily has the ascendant. And if they try to take it from her and save Kai, mama Salvatore would be really pissed and then Stefan will also be pissed at Damon.

I'd like to see how that's gonna go down...

One of the many many reasons why we love [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) is flashbacks and in this episode we had Enzo flashbacks which were inevitable since we know nothing about this character except that he was a soldier -I think, not sure- who would have thought that Lily turned Enzo? I wanna see Damon's reaction to this cause let's not forget that Enzo is his best friend.

So, what do you think Stefan will do after he finds out his mother run out of love for him and Damon after her transition? Has anyone else begun to despise her a bit? Just a little bit? Well, I have and I just have to say this: And the Academy award for best liar goes to... Lilian Salvatore. Damon wrote the script and she just memorized it. And how does one run out of love for her children? Stefan turned into a vampire, Stefan turned into a vampire and they love each other.

Let the emotional dominos begin; Stefan got his humanity back and now it's Caroline's turn. Did you notice that after she flipped the switch, she just never stops singing. According to the trailer TVD's holy trinity: Elena, Stefan and Damon have a plan for that. Stefan just has to convince her his humanity is off but, according to the summary things don't go as planned, meaning the plan backfires. Am I the only one who sees the top priority is getting the ascendant from Lily and saving Kai before Jo and her baby die?

Okay, now let's talk about Damon and the cure for vampirism. Elena should take the cure and it makes sense because

  • The fang life isn't for everyone and it sure as hell isn't for Elena Gilbert
  • She's only been a vampire for a few years, so she won't die of old age like Katherine Pierce
  • We all know that Nina Dobrev is leaving the show and it breaks our hearts, but, taking the cure would be a really satisfying ending for her to be able to have a family, start a career etc

On the other hand, this might mean the end of a duo that has touched our hearts from day one and I'm talking about Delena (Damon and Elena). However, their relationship is stronger than that, but, we all know that human-vampire relationships are a dead end and that's what Damon is justifiably afraid of

Anyway, episode 19 is entitled 'Because' and something tells me the title is inspired by the Beatles and here's the official summary:

Wrestling with whether or not to tell Elena (Nina Dobrev) about the cure, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) brings up their future together and what life would be like if they weren't vampires. Meanwhile, it’s all hands on deck when attempts to stop a humanity-free Caroline (Candice Accola) doesn't go as planned. Elsewhere, when Bonnie (Kat Graham) discovers that Damon has betrayed her trust, she takes matters into her own hands, setting off a chain of events that leaves Damon dealing with the fallout. Lastly, after being forced to face his traumatic past, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) sets out for answers and is surprised when he learns the truth about the day he was turned into a vampire

And just because I'm feeling gentle, here's the trailer for next week's episode


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