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Welcome to the third update of all things happening in the Moviepilot Community. From having phone interviews with the stars to watching early screenings of films, we're always looking to get you the coolest opportunities to get you closer to Hollywood. Here's a listing of what we've hooked you up with this week!

Reid Jones- Exclusive Avengers: Age of Ultron Screening and Red Carpet Interviews

Reid was flown in to Los Angeles for the weekend and had the chance to watch an early screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron, attend a press junket, and interview the stars on the red carpet. Follow him to find out more about everything Avengers and Marvel related!

Reid interviewing Elden Henson (Daredevil- Foggy)
Reid interviewing Elden Henson (Daredevil- Foggy)

One of our Horror aficionados, Taylor Krauss, got to catch an early screening of Unfriended.

Taylor goes in depth about the message this movie has to offer here.

Brian Medina caught an advanced screening of Beyond the Reach

Check out his article, "Why you need to watch 'Beyond the Reach'!"

Manuel Castellanos - Ex Machina Early Screening

Manuel had an the chance to check out the newest rendition on Artificial Intelligence in film, Ex Machina. Make sure to read his article here.

Matthew Surprenant - Phone Interview with Rob Benedict and Richard Speight

If you're ever wondering what it's like being on the road for conventions, make sure to check out Kings of Con. Matthew had the chance to interview the two stars creating the series; check it out here.

Josh Etchison - Power Rangers: The Perfect Storm Early Blu-Ray Review

Josh had the early chance to review the latest Power Rangers Blu-Ray to release! Make sure to read his take on it here.

Philip Tarver - Axe Cop Press Conference

Animation fan Philip Tarver had the opportunity to attend the phone press conference for Axe Cop. Make sure to read his article here.

Adonis Gonzalez - Teen Titans Go! Early Blu-Ray Review

Adonis was able to check out 'Teen Titans Go!' before it released in stores. Check out his article here where he compares the original to the next generation cartoon.

Tim Dunn - Below Dreams Early Screening

You can also check out his review here!

Join our amazing community and you might just be the next creator we fly out to sunny Los Angeles!


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