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I played Sims 2 for the first time when I was like 9 or 10 years old. I made a nice little family. I had a husband and wife and two kids, a boy and a girl. The mother was a paramedic and the dad was an army recruiter. They made decent money and lived in a nice house. They were happily married...until the husband met one of my other sims, Jenna. I made the husband start an affair with Jenna and he moved her in. I built Jenna her own room and locked her in there during the day, only letting her out when the wife was at work at night. The husband would sleep in the room with Jenna, and when the wife got home, I would make him get up and go to his room and sleep in his bed before she even got up the stairs. This went on from the time my Sims' kids were toddlers up until they were teenagers without the wife knowing. Well...Jenna got knocked up and the husband kissed her in front of the wife one day and the wife SNAPPED. She was crying, yelling, the works. I locked Jenna back in her room and waited until the wife calmed down to make her work things out with her husband. He was asleep right after they 'woohoo-ed' and I made the wife go into the other bedroom and go to sleep...then I woke him up and got him out of bed and I deleted EVERYTHING out of the room. He died. And poor Jenna was preggers still. I made the (ex) wife hook up with Jenna. Finally after so much waiting (okay, maybe a couple hours) Jenna had her baby. I made the wife hold the baby and go downstairs to feed him and I deleted everything out of Jenna's room, leaving her to die as well...the kids were perfect: all of their skills were maxed out, they made good grades, even had after school jobs. I had her take care of this baby as her own until it was a little older. Once he had grown into a child, I put him in a room with his father's and mother's tombstones without a bed, door, or windows. Eventually he died, and I made my Sim marry a rich guy and move into his house with her two kids...she ended up rich with many kids and grandkids. Sim belongs on an episode of Deadly Women.


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