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Basically her illness definitely represented symptoms of being possessed, however, she also displayed consistent symptoms of having mental illnesses...present day behavior and symptoms of psychosis and schizophrenia are those of seizures, hallucinations, voices in the head, erratic behavior such as urinating, eating insects etc...(I myself have never come across these extreme behaviors) however, the era of time Anneliese was alive was a time where some behaviors were interpreted differently and soiling one's self while experiencing a fit may have been interpreted as seizing violently and urinating themselves due to being under the power of Satan. In saying this, I still do believe in a strong link between possession/being used as a vessel by an evil entity and the psychosis of the human brain. I have encountered individuals where they were suffering schizophrenia and psychosis episodes and their aim (ordered by "the voices in their head") was to find a weapon and murder another individual...obviously this is a negative and evil thought/plan, therefore how can you rule out the possibility that although they are suffering a medically diagnosed psychotic episode, they may also be experiencing a strong, unwanted possession by a higher malevolent power which is controlling their mental illness?


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