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Warner Bros aren't ignorant of leaks- and perhaps the biggest movie in history was victim of a leak yesterday for its teaser trailer just a few days in advance of its scheduled release. Doing what I believe is the logical thing, Zack Snyder and Warner Bros have put out the official trailer- after the poor quality leak garnered tens of millions of views in less than a day- in HD for all of the fans who have waited- and it's amazing.

And, true to his fans who were off to watch the teaser at IMAX on Monday, Snyder hasn't forgotten them- they'll be getting something exclusive, on top of both an introduction and conclusion from him.

Now, normally I breakdown the Arrow and The Flash trailers on a weekly basis, but I've got a lot of positive feedback and requests to do other movie trailers. Where better to start than the ultimate superhero movie? So here it is- my breakdown on everything in this trailer.

Our first full look at BATMAN from the front!

That's Ben Affleck in the suit, looking intimidating and huge! Where is he? We know scenes were being shot in a destroyed Metropolis just after the conclusion of the events of Man of Steel, if not during them, so this may well be during that scene, as the Caped Crusader rushes to provide aid.

Is this Gotham?

It's hard to tell, and we have no official word yet. It seems odd there'd be a Superman statue in Gotham- logic says that would be Metropolis- but he is the world's savior, and the stormy sky around the buildings, the city of darkness, is nearly identical to Gotham in the comics, and we know that's where a large amount of the story is set. We'll have to wait and see.

Various voice overs....

I can't identify everyone, but chatting to fellow fans around the internet we've concluded you can definitely hear astrophysicist and philosopher Neil Degrasse Tyson, Holly Hunter, who you'd best know as Mrs Incredible if you're a Disney fan, and various others- among them is definitely Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor. Many fans have commented how different and menacing his voice sounds to his regular one, and it seems Luthor's already out pulling Superman down from his god like position. While Wonder Woman doesn't appear in this trailer, she's definitely a part of the movie, and she may be among these voices.

For an amazing experience with that dialogue put a pair of headphones on both ears with the volume up, and you'll hear different dialogue coming through both sides- Eisenberg's Lex is particularly brilliant, feeling as if he's circling you as the dialogue switches sides.

FALSE GOD- the anti-Superman propaganda is real!

And from the looks if, Luthor's propaganda is working. I think it's very clever that the criticism for Man of Steel- too much destruction being caused, even though it was Zod who did it- has become a plot point. A top decision by Zack Snyder, I believe. But Superman isn't someone to be trusted.

Our first look at Affleck as BRUCE WAYNE!

And, I have to say, this Bruce looks like he's ripped from the comics. The greying hair is a nice touch to this older Bruce, but he's also clearly by himself- the gloom, the brooding, is how he normally is. Bruce Wayne the charismatic billionaire is Batman's real mask.


We saw this in the initial teaser for this trailer, but in this trailer the camera comes in over someone's shoulder looking at it- probably Bruce's. Look at the permanent Batscowl built into the cowl, the rips and wear on the suit- this is the Batman suit we've been waiting for. Oh, and it lets The Dark Knight turn his head.

Jeremy Irons- Alfred Pennyworth- provides the voiceover in the latter half.

When you have a voice available as great as Jeremy Irons', the rule is that you use it. And that's what Snyder has done, taking Jeremy's wise voice and melding it with Chris Terrio's dialogue (Chris is the writer for Batman VS Superman, the Oscar winner behind the likes of Argo, who is new to this superhero universe) creating a chilling voiceover.

What's going on here? Riddler Easter Egg!

For starters, that definitely looks like Batman- and if you think he looks like he's holding a rifle, he might be. The Dark Knight Returns, which this movie draws some inspiration from, has Batman wielding a sniper rifle, though not for lethal purposes- more for recon, shooting gadgets, and more. As to where this is, many fans have speculated that it's the abandoned bank or train station that Zod was killed in- the set, particularly the pillars, appear the same.

Note the question mark on the far left, done identical in the Riddler style. Given the amount of Easter Eggs in Man of Steel, it's a fair bet this is deliberate.

Eagle eyed commenter Vish Gal on also pointed out to me the word "tick" wrapped around the pole. If "tock" is on the other side, this is probably a hint at the Clock King, a DC villain.

Where's Superman?

Here we get our first clear look in-movie of Supes' more colorful suit, with a more vivid blue and a yellow behind the logo. Again, this is all speculation, but he appears to be in the midst of something like the Day of the Dead festival, and is being worshipped like a god.

What's he holding?

Many fans have pointed out the Russian words and apparently Cyrillic letters on whatever Superman is holding. It appears to be a rocket or satellite of some sort, and for any fans of The Dark Knight Returns, that instantly brings images of a Soviet Nuclear Missile which Superman stops, being caught in the blast himself. I don't know if Snyder will go that route, but it's a nice homage/reference to that story. What's of particular note here is that we know that Superman will be seen explicitly saving more people in this movie now that he's an established hero, unlike in Man of Steel- though he did save the whole world.

Notice how these soldiers kneel before him.

Now, Superman doesn't want people to kneel before him. But these troops seem to be doing just that. This may play in to the conflict and uproar heard by various politicians- Holly Hunter is a "US Senator" - and public figures. There's nothing more dangerous than someone who holds more power over your state's military than you do.

It's actually not as dark as the media made it out to be.

Let's be frank- when it comes to DC's movies, the media have clear bias in many articles. Yesterday we went as far as to say the leaked, phone filmed trailer was "too dark," but there's plenty of brightness in here, unless you want the sun to be present at night just so it's slightly lighter. And Snyder's directing is truly breathtaking in this trailer.

And here we see him, cape billowing in the wind- the watchful protector. This is a nice nod from Snyder to Nolan's Batman movies, where Bale's Batman stood in a similar pose, but dare I say I much prefer this costume. Also, the buildings you see in the background are almost certainly Gotham.

A look at Batman's toys- The Batwing?

It certainly looks like the Batwing- actually, the design looks just about identical to the awesome one from Arkham Origins. It's hard to tell, given that it shoots at cars and blows them up, but Batman isn't above using weaponry to take out vehicles and the like, so it's possible. Again, there's those amazing visuals of the moon over the shipping yard. There were rumours Batman would also have a drone in the movie- this could be it.

...and the Batmobile!

Driving through flames, no doubt its engines roaring, this Batmobile is like a blend of the Arkham Knight one, the Burton Batmobile, and Nolan's Tumbler. What I'm saying essentially is that it looks perfect. In fact, this particular shot is reminiscent of Arkham Knight's trailer. Snyder seems to have done his homework very well indeed.

Our clearest EVER look at the god battling Batsuit!

It's been floating around in low quality for ages, but it's finally here, and it's ripped straight from the pages of The Dark Knight Returns when Batman fights Superman. The glowing eyes are sure to please comic fans everywhere, as this costume is pretty much a perfect translation.

And just before they FIGHT!

This is definitely reminiscent of the Comic Con footage, but it's not identical. Note in the above shot how the robotic Batsuit doesn't really appear fat as some thought it did from behind- it's still nicely streamlined and fits to Affleck's body, just like armour.

"Do you bleed? You will."

This is our first time hearing Batman's voice, and it's clearly through the robotic suit and modulator. I wouldn't count on it sounding like that in his normal suit or all the time, but in this suit, that's what it sounds like, and to me, for the Dark Knight who strikes fear in his enemies, it sounds amazing!

Let me know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments. Remember, it's a teaser trailer, and I'm grateful that we've not seen the whole plot of the movie or any big spoilers in it while it adequately sates our hunger. An amazing job here by Zack Snyder and the production team. Batman VS Superman is out March next year, and expect more promotional content to come. I think, while there's still negativity, this trailer has shut up a lot of the haters, and there's honestly not much valid criticism I can find for it- it looks incredible.


What was your favourite part of the trailer?


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