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The full trailer has been released by a very unhappy Zack Snyder and its full HD! After yesterdays leak i was thinking was that it like would Warner Bros just continue to show the same teaser on Monday? It appears that's not the case at all as the Monday teaser will have more shots and more surprises according to Snyder!

This was before Snyder gave us the wonderful teaser you can check out below! I am for one super excited to see what comes out on Monday as this teaser already has me beyond excited check it out!

Here are some of the things that happened in this trailer that need more discussion i believe.

Its clear that Superman is being treated as a god and its no surprise as he did save the world from Zod. The feeling isn't mutual however as we notice in Supermans face in what seems as some Superman groupies worshiping him. Then theres the voices in the background asking if we can really trust Superman

We then get to see Superman in action carrying what seems to be a missile of sort or a rocket. I can only imagine this must cause more destruction thus igniting the hate for the Man Of Steel.

The next shot is more of Superman being worshiped by some SWAT team and we get to hear Lex Luthor comparing Superman to an angel from Hell. I love that the next image shows Superman in the sky while someone holds their hand out at him like a "savior"

Then all the talking culminates into a chant as we get a clearer shot at the Superman statue from the beginning and find out some people actually hate him.

This is where the good stuff starts as we see Bruce Wayne staring intensely at something as Alfred begins his dialogue on what turns a good man....cruel.

Im assuming he is speaking of Lex Luthor and his fear of Superman. The next shot is the same we saw on the 20 second teaser and that's of the Batman suit which is the best ever in my opinion.

Then it starts getting into some more glorious Batman scenes that have some Easter eggs. Ill give you a hint one of them involves a riddle.

We also get to see some of Batman's toys that look ripped straight out of the comics!

Batwing soaring through the skies in all its glory!

The Batmobile making way for itself like a BAMF! Speaking of BAMF we also see Batman emerging through some destruction like its nothing.

We then get one of my favorite shots of the whole trailer with Batman watching over the city.

Of course we see the last thirty seconds that look like the tease that was shown at Comic Con with Batman in the mechanized suit and Superman flying over him. Then Batman asks him

Tell Me.....Do you bleed? ...... You Will

The trailer then ends with giving us the amazing Batman V Superman logo!

Im super hyped to see the trailer on Monday since there will be more attached to it! What do you think of the teaser though? Let me know in the comments below!

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