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If you have not seen it, check out this very first amazing Batman v Superman trailer! Just click it. Now.

How astonishing was that? While there already have been cool breakdowns, here are epic animated gifs for all you to see.

One moment.

1) Let's zoom in on the statue.

It seems that this is either at night or...dawn. We later see this is the Superman statue. Everything in this gif seems rather new. The buildings are shiny and none of them show the damage that the invasion of Zod may have caused. In a different screenshot, you would be able to see a crane. Anyway, here's the next gif.

2) Superman cannot stop the graffiti.

"Go home," protesters chant. All the lines of the trailer (before Batman comes in) either speak in favor of Superman or against him. Here, the opposers if the alien thoughts are made clear.

Of course, everyone in this world will have different opinions at the end of this movie. After all, the Justice League will be united whether they like it or not.

3) Kneel before Supes.

It's unclear who these people are, but they look like soldiers and respect Superman. Of course a gif has no sound, but the person who says the quote to the left is likely Jimmy Olson, who is said to be played by Scoot McNairy. The rumor stated that Jimmy was injured after the events of the invasion and now has prosthetic legs. The character is also said to be glad that Superman saved the entire world.

4) Superman saves the day!

This is my personal favorite moment from the trailer. Superman brings a rocket down safely. We obviously do not know what happened, but we sure will find out.

5) Superman hovers.

Either Superman is coming down or going up. It's similar to the Man of Steel moment when he surrenders himself to mankind (which is cool). The person with hands outstretched cannot be identified, but I would guess it's Lois Lane.

Superman obviously has gained much popularity in the DC Cinematic Universe and it sounds that people are in awestruck by his existence. All I have to say is: Pa Kent was right.

6) Bruce looks angry.

Oh look, it's Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. What is he thinking?

  • I hope the suit still fits.
  • I wish I had powers.
  • I want my parents.
  • I hate Superman.
  • Why is this light on the right side of my face flickering?

Tell me in the comments what could be running through his Bat-mind. In the meantime, we're moving on.

7) He's the Goddamn Batman!

He does what he wants, mate! Some people like hanging out at the top of skyscrapers and letting their cape fly. It's perfectly normal if your parents died when you were young, you spent your young adulthood learning to be good at simply everything, and you dress up as a bat.

One important thing to observe is that it looks like Batman is in an area similar to Wonder Woman's background.

Is Wonder Woman actually in Gotham or Metropolis in her first picture? We will find out when more footage is seen. If she is, then she could be trying to stop Batman and Superman from fighting. Just a theory.

8) Look, it's the Dark Knight!

Batman holds his sniper rifle and stands as the lightning strikes. A Riddler easter egg is seen on the left pillar of the building. Either that or it's a question mark.

9) I'm ready.

This is surreal in every way. I never thought I would be seeing something as awesome as this. The glowing eyes are stunning.

10) Batman vs. Superman

'Nuff said! (and shown)


Yeah baby!

What do you think? Tell me your favorite moment(s) and what the Batfleck is thinking in gif #6.


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