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Okay so this will be my first post here on Moviepilots, sorry if you will find some grammar mistakes, (practice is the best so if I want to talk perfectly english language I have to.. write) I am not english but I will try to do my best and explain better to understand me, if you have some questions please hit a comment below, I will try to answer quickly.

I will talk about the Season 6 Episode 18, This episode is one of the 5 last episodes with the co-star Nina Dobrev (aka Elena Gilbert) after she announced that she will exit the show (unknown reasons but I have some theories..)

So let's start...

We know that Caroline asked Stefan to turn off his humanity and... he did it, we know that the brothers mother is alive now (and she maybe is the only chance to bring Stefan's humanity back) Even when I first saw the Salvatore's mom I didn't had a good impression about her, she's very weird and almost creepy, with a lot of secrets and doesn't seems that she really loves her boys, I really think that she only wanted to come in Mystic Falls, because she want to bring here their vampire puppets (I am very sure she has an evil plan or something, I think she trusts that puppets because she didn't felt loved and she says all the time those puppets are their family now). Sarah is spending some time with Enzo (and we know it's not good but that's it, after Sarah and Enzo's scenes I really thought he will turn her into a vampire to revenge, but he didn't did it.. why, I am sure we will know)

The Episode 18 starts in a bar, a bartender is doing work (he is almost ready to go home) when suddenly a few creepy things happens (someone or something drops a bottle with tequila or whatever and after that suddenly a dead body falls on the floor, his neck looks so drained of blood but who can do this?) Yes you got it, Caroline

Oh, I'm Caroline, this is Stefan and that... Mmm... was delicious.

She's so cruel and annoying at the same time! That bartender gets killed by her through compelling.

All what happened was just a stupid bet with Stefan (If she can scare him she won's but actually she cheated)

What's the prize of that bet? Hmmm..... KARAOKE

When I heard Caroline's singing I was really amazed, she didn't sing so bad I was expected, but she bothered a few students who tried to study

Hey, Taylor Swift. We're trying to study here.

Here is the song if you want to hear it. It's called Hit me with your best shot.

Enzo actually had a plan (He wanted to give Sarah to Damon to protect her) and he arrived to the Damon with Sarah, he knocked the door and BOOM! Guess who opened the door?? Mama Salvatore! Enzo's face was really thrilled and amazed at the same time (like he knows her from somewhere) but will find out that he hates her because she was the woman who turned him into a vampire.

In this episode we will know that Enzo was protected by her, he wanted for Enzo to be a part of her new family, Enzo (in 1903, he was really sick and abandoned and she offered to help him) when she found that his disease can't be cured and she decided to turn him into a vampire. And now I think that she offered him because she wanted to grow up her vampire family

Salvatore's mom have a little chat with Damon (at breakfast) and she just discovered that (despite the fact Damon has the cure for Elena, he didn't want to give it because he loves her and don't want to lose her) In that moment, Salvatore's mom discovered that Damon could lie about helping her to get her family alive. And i was like, OMG finally! how you could be so stupid to trust Damon

What that b... mom did? He was scared about being betrayed by her son, and almost refused to help him get Stefan's humanity back. As a guarantee Damon gave her the dangerous Ascendent, and suddenly she turned into the best momma ever and succesfully recovered her son's humanity. But Caroline ran out so he is still a b...

When Jo find out that Kai is trapped into 1903, she told to her dad, and he told her to find as soon as possible the ascendent. And BOOM! The ascendent is at Momma Salvatore and we will know she is a witch and a vampire too.. Creepy huh? I never trust her!

Elena takes a quick trip to the Hospital to see Jo, Jo didn't knew about that Kai was trapped in other dimension and she was really happy, she felt protected, blessed and Elena just discovered that Jo is pregnant. And be patient, because I think this scene (with Elena and Jo) is very important because we will know (look at Elena's reactions, and acting he almost cried, burst in tears, he was very jealous but not about Jo, about the pregnancy because im sure she desire that happens to her too) what is important for her, we will know that she is not happy with her vampire life, she still wish and wants a normal life, a family, a baby. This is a crucial step for viewers and maybe a hint from the producers, we will can think about what really Elena desires and maybe what she will do in the future in the next episodes.

I... I'm just happy for you and Alaric. - (Come on you little liar!)

Other hint, or point or whatever.. Is when Matt arrives at the hospital (he got hurt by Tyler accidentally in that bar I was talking at the beginning.. of course is Caroline's fault) But what I am trying to say is that.. When Matt got hurt (he was hurt near the stomach) and arrived at hospital, Elena was really shocked, and fastly tried to gave him her blood to heal up faster but Donovan refused! Why he did that? Here are a few quotes:

Elena: Then why are you refusing my blood?
Matt: Do you know how many times I've died or nearly died?
Matt: Most of those times were at the hands of people(not people, vampires he replied) - I thought were my friends
Me: (I think that he just lost the trust in vampires, or never trusted these creatures)
When Elena tried to explains Matt, he quickly replied "Don't give me the we're not all like that speech because you are!" And I think that he is sad,angry (but don't want to hurt Elena's feelings) because he thinks that all vampires will hurt him someday, and he will be killed someday by one of them. He has now a very bad opinion about vampires. Despite the fact he said he don't hate vampires, I think he lied to don't hurt Elena.

When Elena asked him why he won't want to let her make him feel better He replied that he can't say that he hates vampires and then use them to get some advantages. He just said a very important reply, you should think of it and maybe pay attention to Elena's acting.

"I can't have it both ways, Elena" - And i think that this reply was crucial for Elena, maybe she just woke up to reality, knowing it's impossible to live as a human and vampire at the same time. She's a vampire and that will be forever (until something happens to change that, that something is the cure)

At the final scenes of this episode we will find out that Elena is talking with Damon about the Jo's pregnancy, and her thoughts, Elena's desire really moved him, Damon, and I am sure starting this point (till the end of the last episodes, he will think what to do with the cure, to give it to her, or hide it from her, and now guys it's not so hard to judge what will happens, but the producers of that shows, writers etc are always unpredictable and that's what I really like about them. So, till May, when the Season 6 will end, we will find what happens with the cure and also, with Elena)


What will happens with the cure?


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