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And finally, after it leaked yesterday with a poor quality, Warner Bros has shown the first teaser of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The footage revealed was not as impressive as we might have expected, however the simple fact that two of the most iconic comic characters would share screen for the first time is reason enough to keep fingers crossed hoping that Zack Snyder had managed to pave the way for the long awaited, and longer planned, Justice League. Originally slated for a 2015 release, Dawn of Justice was pushed back to 2016 due to time production issues, or maybe because Marvel's Age of Ultron seemed really dangerous to face off the same year. And even if Batman v Superman is avoiding this summer's big event, on 2016 it will battle against Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse.

When Batman vs Superman, provisionally titled, was announced in 2013 at San Diego Comic-Con, fans were all over the moon and their eyes could not believe that finally the project would take off. Snyder was confident about what he had planned and given the, relatively, success of Man of Steel he was commissioned to direct the movie. For all that it can be argued and say, flaws included, Man of Steel was a good movie, not the one fans would have wanted but, all in all, it was a good cinematic exercise that presented the all powerful Superman on screen to new generations. The promise of a grounded movie based on the premise "what if this actually happen" got immediate attention. Christopher Nolan even participated on the script and for most part of the film it feels more as a Nolan movie rather than a Snyder one.

However, things are different now. Warner Bros knows that it is now or never. If Dawn of Justice is not capable of impulsing the next DC films, that will put in real danger their concretion. For years now, people know that the king on screen of the superhero genre is Marvel and what they have accomplished is extraordinary. Moreover, Marvel has already configured their Phase 3 without even launching the Phase 2 and that is because the went step by step and all that was possible because of their previous mistakes, remember Daredevil, Hulk, Elektra, Catwoman or Punisher? Sadly, Warner has not experimented much in this territory, except with Green Lantern. The Dark Knight Trilogy does not count because Nolan never wanted it to be connected with any other DC superhero movies. The question now is, will Dawn of Justice be worth waiting for? The first teaser is not a good sign, but things can change.

Let us see what we know so far. Alongside the dark kinght and the man of steel, we will also see Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) , Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), with the addition of Jesse Eisenberg in the role of the notorious Lex Luthor. Given those elements, we can feel a desperate attempt of Warner to establish a quick connection between the characters and audience so that it would create an eagerness to watch their stand alone movies in the future. It has also long been said that that action will result in a mess, if wrongly focused. Another proof of Warner issues in dealing with their cinematic universe is that recently Wonder Woman movie lost its director, Michelle MacLaren due to creative differences. Only time will tell if the presence of all those characters benefited or harmed the story.

On the other hand we have the "Snyder problem". Snyder is a well known director for the visual elements he incorporates in his films, however he is not as good story teller as director, which has been proven in Sucker Punch. Consequently, Snyder's mark is already known and if he is to direct the two part Justice League, much needs to change for that movie to succeed. The repetition of a formula is not, by any means, good for a long term project, especially in cinematic terms. That is why Marvel has approached to each film with different directors, only allowing few of those to return. Then again, Snyder did a good job on Man of Steel but that will not be enough for Justice League.

There is still a long way to 2016 and hopefully Dawn of Justice will do good, both critically and financially, otherwise we would be seeing another failure of Warner Bros and this time it would be extremely difficult for them to star all over again. But if Warner would want to succeed, they might as well take a look to the TV Shows Arrow and The Flash. They should be doing something right if they are capable of keep both critics and audience entertained. Even Marvel had a stumble beginning with Agents of SHIELD but they had learned as well.


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