ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

The monthly TV stats for March are in and surprisingly TBS captured top honors. The AMC Network was pushing for number one with strong numbers for THE WALKING DEAD. The zombie show had no problem capturing the number one rated program, but despite sweeping viewers, especially in the season finale episode, AMC landed in second place. The zombie network, which garnered 2.3 million viewers, was bested by TBS with 2.4 million viewers.

Fox News Channel continued dominance in third place and was the only news operation to appear in the top ten. If folk are paying attention, it could make for very interesting upcoming elections.

ESPN just barely squeaked into the top ten, with just over 1 million viewers. this continues a steady decline in the sports network's viewership. ESPN recently requested a massive rate increase from cable distributors. Those distributors will, as they have in the past, pass the extra cost onto their subscribers. Lose viewers, raise prices - sounds like a plan for success. Some cable industry pundits say retransmission fees for ESPN can add as much as $6.27 per month to a customers cable bill.


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