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Well moviegoers and comic book fans: the wait is over. A week full of speculation and event planned it is honor, but needless to say: the first trailer to Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice has arrived. After the release of Man of Steel, Warner Bros announced that year that DC Comic's next blockbuster would in fact be Batman v.Superman. Though many question this move from the studio, I could not help but be excited because AT LONG LAST we would have a film featuring the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight. Directed by Zach Snyder, Batman v.Superman stars Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck as the two iconic heroes; and making up the rest of the cast is Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Jermey Irons and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

As I stated, this trailer has been in discussion all week. It started with rumors stating that the trailer would be released soon. Then rumors became facts as Zach Snyder released the following tweet:

Yes the teaser for Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice was set to premiere this Monday in select IMAX screens. However the anticipation for the trailer was not to last as a leek version of the preview was released yesterday. Because the trailer was spoiled online, it led the studio to release the official trailer today oppose to waiting on Monday. How this effects the IMAX presentation remains to be seen, but nevertheless: the trailer to Batman v.Superman is finally here.

To be honest with you my fellow readers: this trailer is AWESOME! While I believe it would have been more effective if the studio waited to release the trailer on Monday, it does not change the fact that this preview (in my opinion) hits all of the right notes. There is plenty to take away from this teaser trailer, and to prove that, these are just some of the moments that stood out to me in the trailer of Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Strong Themes

The majority of this trailer deals with several voiceovers discussing the impact of Superman. The analysts seem not to have little trust for the Man of Steel; which is likely due to the events of the 2013 film. I believe that this a good move on the film's behalf. The opening to this teaser indicates that many are still having a hard time trusting Superman; and I believe this matter will effect themes such as what justice is. This opening shot definitely grabbed my attention when watching this teaser, and hopefully it leaves an impression in the overall presentation.

Superman in Action

There are many shots of Superman throughout the trailer. The preview shows us what Superman has been up to since Man of Steel, and how is presence is effecting the world. With Superman already established in this cinematic universe, it only made sense for the Man of Steel to be more scenes then his counterpart, and I for one found it to be effective (especially the image above).

Batman in Action

Just because Superman took up most of the scenes does not mean the Dark Knight did not have his time to shine. In the preview, we get to see Ben Affleck as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. While we did not see Batman in action, his footage does showoff several features; such as seeing batsuit in his entirety. Seeing the suit in motion is impressive to say the least. While previous batsuits have been effective, the outfit used in this film looks to be the definitive cinematic attire for Batman; andlet's not forget Batman's armored suit. Though Batman did not do much in this preview, his presence was definitely effective and his look is indeed outstanding.

Comic Book Cinematography

I know it is still early, but I am already loving the cinematography for Dawn of Justice. Many shots featured in this preview, from Superman hovering in the sky to Batman standing on a tower, were just impressive to see. From watching the trailer, this movie looks like something out of a comicbook; which is definitely fitting for a super-powered blockbuster. Granted the quality of the cinematography still depends on the movie's final cut, but it seems to be on a good start.

The Super Troopers?

This was something that caught my attention on my second viewing of the trailer. As Superman enters a corridor, four soldiers kneel before him. The interesting thing about this moment is that the troopers are wearing Superman's symbol. I am instantly reminded of the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, but I digress. This image could mean a great deal of things. Perhaps there are soldiers who are loyal to Superman (unbeknownst to him); or maybe Superman is somehow being manipulated. This moment is an article all on its own, but it is indeed a moment that stands out in this teaser trailer.

At Long Last: Batman and Superman!

The trailer concludes with Batman coming face to face with Superman. Donning armor, The Dark Knight confronts the Man of Steel in what looks to be start of massive fight. To me: this is the moment that defines the trailer. Of all the great things about this preview, nothing tops Batman and Superman together in the same shot. It is something that I have waited to see on screen for a very long time, and now here it is. Not to mention that this image capture the film's mood as well as embodies what Dawn of Justice is leading towards. All I can really say is that this moment defines a comicbook fan/moviegoer's dream, and I can only hope that this sequence( as well as the rest of the film) is indeed worth the wait.

Batman v.Superman is still 12 months away, but thankfully we now have an idea of what to expect in this anticipated blockbuster. From the cinematography to the super-powered face off, there is much to see in this teaser; and I think the preview's moments do deliver. If this trailer is any indication then maybe Batman v.Superman truly is the Dawn of Justice.

Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.


What did you think of the trailer to Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice?


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