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In the past few days, I've talked about The Black Widow & Electra being introduced into the Daredevil/Netflix universe. In my opinion, I would start with The Black Widow because she is already established on the big screen.


If you've seen all of the first season of Daredevil, then you know the fate that has befallen Wilson Fisk. Although I have to admit I wasn't happy that he was involved in a love affair; it softened the potential of what we were beginning to see before Vanessa came into his life.

You started to see a glimpse of Vincent D'onofrio's acting past and the essence of Wilson Fisk meld into something really sinister; but he had to fall on love. Dude, WTF?


He's gone for a little bit; although I believe he will still be a factor in jail, where you can expect the KINGPIN to be born. Fisk is going to seek some serious payback; and a man in his position has the chess pieces in play. He may call upon someone with a talent in murder to pay Daredevil a visit in Hell's Kitchen.

Enter the "Anti-Christ" in the Devils life....BULLSEYE. A homicidal maniac with an almost superhuman ability as an expert marksman. BULLSEYE is a man no one takes lightly in the Marvel Universe. Here is what WIKIPEDIA stated about Bullseye's talents as a killer.

Bullseye has an innate ability to throw virtually any object as a projectile with incredible accuracy and with enough force to be lethal. Some of his accomplishments include lacerating a person’s throat with a thrown playing card, spitting his own tooth through a human skull, tossing a paper airplane to a distant rooftop, and killing a person with a toothpick thrown through a window from a hundred yards away.[64]

Aside from his ability to throw projectiles with lethal accuracy, Bullseye is also an expert martial artist and is extremely talented in the use of edged/throwing weapons and conventional firearms.

Bullseye has exceptional physical conditioning, with the agility, reflexes, stamina, and speed of a professional athlete.

Due to injuries from a multi-story fall, many of Bullseye's bones have been reinforced with strips of adamantium.[65] This has increased his resistance to injury in unarmed combat. This reinforcement also allows Bullseye to utilize acrobatic maneuvers impossible for an ordinary human, as his bones are protected from fracture. While Wolverine's adamantium was implanted using only stolen, incomplete notes on the bonding process as a guideline,[66] and thus only his mutant healing factor allowed him to survive the process, Bullseye's surgery was performed properly by Lord Dark Wind himself, and thus included the special herb treatment which prevents the body from being destroyed by the implantation.

Bullseye has a compulsive need to study his targets' histories, abilities, and relationships before engaging them. He employs this information to attempt to anticipate his opponents' movements in combat. This compulsion often crosses from the professional into the personal, such as Bullseye's obsession with Elektra.

Due to a mutual head injury, Bullseye was able to sense Daredevil's presence psychically for a brief time

We got Colin Farrell the first time around and let me give credit where credit is due. Out of the list of very VERY small list of things I actually liked from the Daredevil movie starring BENNIFER Garner, Colin Farrell's portrayal of Bullseye was near the top of that list. Especially the part when he called out Electra before gutting her to death. "Hey orphan....let's play."

I liked him, but unfortunately we'll have to talk about someone else playing the role. Now, this movie version of Bullseye isn't true to the comic origin. Bullseye was straight out of the hell known as Northern Ireland here; whereas the comic origin had him out of the Bronx, NY. Once again I quote WIKIPEDIA.

Bullseye grew up in The Bronx, where he lived with his brother and his abusive father. His brother's main form of recreation was playing with rifles, leading Bullseye to become an expert shot. When he was 10 years old, his brother started a fire in their home in an unsuccessful attempt to kill their father. Shortly thereafter, Bullseye was placed in a foster home, and became a baseball player in high school. Bullseye was an extremely talented pitcher, and was offered a scholarship, but instead opted to enter the minor leagues. After three games, he was called up to play a sold-out Major League game. He had surrendered no hits the entire game, and in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, he became bored and requested the coach pull him from the game. The coach refused, and insisted that he finish the game. The opposing team's batter mocked him, accusing him of cowardice. Bullseye threw the ball at his head, killing him. As the ball struck, he said only one word: "Bullseye". He was barred from professional baseball and convicted of manslaughter.


so now we have an idea of Bullseye, let's talk about the list of actors who can possibly play the killer. There are a few seasoned vets that can elevate this role in ways we can only dream of. Since a big time heavy weight actor like Donofrio was removed from the chess board, you need someone to fill that gap who's equal to the task. Let's begin!


If there is anyone that can play a homicidal maniac, it's Michael C Hall. C'mon, if you saw Dexter then you know what I mean. He has the ingredients to play the psycho. Since they went "crazy" with Fisk, they can go "crazy" with Bullseye. Darkly dreaming Dexter going after the Devil himself.

Milo Ventimiglia

If you need some ego or jerk to go with your psycho, then Milo Ventimiglia could be an option. We've seen dark Milo before onscreen, and he got that New York arrogance that fits enough for Bullseye. He's in great shape and still in his prime. He can be a viable option to cause havok for the Devil.


Maybe fellow Brit Hunnam can play the role. He can be badass, but can he be ruthless psycho? I think so. It's a long shot though.


Another long shot because of his work with The Walking Dead. He can play a psycho badass Bullseye; but I doubt it would ever happen. Daryl Dixon casts to big of a shadow for fans to really accept Norman as Bullseye simply because of how big the Walking Dead is right now.


Yea, I'm dreaming; but you have to see it the way I do. Can you hear Diesels voice threatening Matt? Riddick gone haywire! He has it all to play Bullseye, and he can be a nightmare for Daredevil. Yet, his A-List status will overshadow Charlie Cox and that won't be good for the young series. Diesel is that big of a presence onscreen but can you just imagine Daredevil being hunted by him? I can and it's sick.


Can the Frenchman play Bullseye, OH YEA! He can be arrogant and crazy. He can be the Bullseye that tortures Matt Murdock next year. A seasoned vet who can match up with Charlie Cox very well.


While I was doing research for this article I found fancast for Zachary Quinto. His portrayal of SYLAR on Heroes definitely adds him to the list; but casting him is as much a longshot as casting Vin Diesel for the role. He's busy on NBC; and let's not forget the pointy eared alien he plays onscreen from time to time. He can bring a serious edge laced with homicidal maniac to the role of Bullseye. Too bad...

There is no question that when the writing team comes together to discuss Season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix, Bullseye will be a priority in discussion. No other villain has terrorized Matt Murdock quite like Bullseye has; and in a dark Netflix universe, the drama between these two can be the stuff of TV legend!

Thank you everyone that have read and commented on my past articles, I am humbled. See you next one!



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BULLSEYE! He can do it!


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