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Zack Snyder has released the good quality version of the trailer and it is has raised the roof! The release date for the trailer was originally scheduled for Monday but because it was leaked online I think Zack Snyder would rather have people see the good quality one as opposed to the handy cam one.

Anyway lets talk about this trailer. This trailer is awesome it has everything to excite the nerd in all of us it has many different voice overs from the likes of Lex Luthor, Alfred Pennyworth and of course Bats himself. The theme of this is very powerful to me, it seems throughout all this they're all being really harsh and quite cruel to Superman which is not something surprising I'm sure. The main photo of this article is my favorite shot from the whole trailer, I think this trailer is doing well in showing that this movie is focusing on the public's fear of Superman but they are disguising it with anger hoping he will go away (we all know he won't). This trailer has made us feel like SUperman is alone because you hear the public criticizing him and you hear Alfred's voice which shows Bruce has someone but Superman is made out o be the lonely guy. Anything to do with Batman in this trailer is awesome from what Alfred says right down to every shot of Batman himself, as mentioned in my post yesterday about the movie I am a Marvel fan more than a DC fan but Batman is one of if not my favorite Superhero ever I love all of his movies (Not counting Forever and Batman and Robin) so when ever I see a shot of him in this new one I feel the nerd come out in me. I was one of the people to say Affleck will be awesome as Batman and this trailer lends to that. I also complained about his voice but after hearing the better quality his voice is awesome! It's perfect and the line he delivers perfectly showcases it "Tell me do you bleed? You will." Oh my lord this movie is going to rule!

You may be confused because I uploaded an article yesterday about the leak of the trailer. Although I talked about it I didn't go too far into it because it was poor quality and I didn't get the exact feel for it, I did point some very minor negatives and someone got mad at me for that and that's fine. I just want to let you know that if I ever write about negatives of a DC movie don't take it to heart I will be the first to call out how bad a Marvel movie is if it's bad if the new Avengers sucks I'll be pissed but I'll accept it and I'll tell you all about it I'm sure. What I am trying to say is do not take it to heart when I criticize a film because I'm not targeting anybody in particular! I am also really enjoying The New 52 run of DC Comics check them out!

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