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Earlier this week we all were treated to the first full trailer to Marvel's upcoming film [Ant-Man](movie:9048). Considering the plethora of movies that are coming up, Ant-Man is kind of being left as an afterthought to many fans. There has not been much buzz surrounding this movie, and while I had a slight interest, I must admit until I saw this trailer I did not have a great interest in seeing this film. The trailer was amazing, it really showed to us why Marvel is so great. Even with minimal excitement from fans they still are able to create a quality product and I believe Ant-Man is one that will shock all of us and make us realize why we should have been more excited.

Paul Rudd will be great as Scott Lang

Paul Rudd will play Ant Man
Paul Rudd will play Ant Man

Lets start things off with the star of the film, Paul Rudd. At first i was adament at best, I wasn't sure if Rudd, who is primarily known for his comedy films, was the right fit for the role. After seeing the trailer and seeing him in action I am fairly convinced that Marvel made the correct decision in casting Rudd as the films title character. It seems as if they want to implement a certain level of comedic relief to the film which looks as if could work very well. Paul Rudd also has the correct build to play Ant-man, he is really just an averaged sized person, which is one of the things i have always liked about Ant-Man. I must admit that while I definitely am not the biggest Ant-Man fan in the world, I am very excited to see Rudd's rendition of the character for the first time on the big screen. Oh an it also helps that Michael Douglas is playing the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, serving as Scott Langs mentor.

The Action scenes look INCREDIBLE

Thomas poses Ant-Man's greatest threat!
Thomas poses Ant-Man's greatest threat!

They show glimpses of action sequences from the film, and I must say, they look terrific. It will be interesting to see how much they implement the suit in these scenes. They are a couple of instances in the trailer where Ant-Man shrinks down to his smaller form, takes someone out, then proceeds to come back to normal size and continue to kick ass. That element of the action sequences will definitely bring an intriguing twist to the action scenes, and from what we see in the trailer, they use this to absolute perfection. It will be at the very least a very enjoyable film from an action standpoint. I believe they have added a new dimension to just your standard fight sequence and I don't believe it will disappoint.

The suit looks BAD ASS

I must admit i never much cared for Ant-Mans costume, it has always had this astronaut vibe to me that i never much cared for. I will also admit that in terms of Ant-Mans suit for the movie, they got it spot on. I love the suit, its nearly perfect to me. They did a great job giving it a very metallic sort of look, even the the primary color of the suit, red, looks very metallic. I really like the design of the helmet, it is very technologically advanced and it is perfect for a modern rendition of the costume. If I were to have one negative thing to say about the costume it would have to be that i am not a huge fan of the antennas on the side of the helmet, I think it would look way better on the front part of the helmet, but all in all still a great costume.

Yellow Jacket is going to be great

Ant-Mans nemesis in the film will be Yellow Jacket. This came as a bit as a surprise to me, it pretty much confirmed that fact that they are going completely rouge in terms of the storyline. In the comics, original Ant-Man Hank Pym dons the Yellow Jacket suit after Scott Lang steals his Ant-Man suit. he uses the suit to save his daughter who is being held captive by one Darren Cross, who is the character who will be suiting up as Yellow Jacket in the film. It will be interesting to see how they portray him as a villain. One thing I do know is the suit looks absolutely sick. Equipped with some sort of stinger like weapons on his back and of course the ability to shrink makes it so awesome. The suit looks great as well, they did an amazing job with the design of the suit, really modernizing it to fit in today's films. The use of the colors yellow and black are used to perfection. This may be one of my favorite suits I have seen from either a Marvel or Dc film. Corey Stoll seems like he will do a very good job in the role of Darren Cross, who is the CEO of a very wealthy company, and is a very power hungry individual and i can see Stoll playing the role very well.

This is the start of the original Avengers coming together

You remember the original Avengers right? Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Wasp, and of course Ant-Man. Everything is lining up for these original Avengers to team up on the big screen and that is epic. Don't be surprised that after the credits roll in Ant-Man we see Nick Fury in another one of his recruitment trips for the Avengers initiative. Personally, I can not wait to see our original team all be on screen at the same time. It will open up multiple story lines that they could not explore otherwise. Anyone who is not excited for at least this, i'm not sure what would get you excited.

Get excited and get ready!

With all of these points i just mentioned, we all have every reason we need to be excited for this film. It has all of the essentials needed to make a great film and I personally can not wait. As I stated earlier, before the trailer was released in was very skeptical and wary on whether to be excited to see this film. After the trailer however, my view changed completely. I am ecstatic about Ant-Man, its one of those films that has the potential to really just sneak up on everyone and be great. It isn't getting as much attention as many other superhero films that are set to be released soon but it should be. We are seriously overlooking the potential that this film has. This is the type of film that has unlimited potential and a lot of opportunities to screw it up, but i have my faith in Marvel. This movie may be shrinking under the hype of other films, but come release it will explode on to the scene and take every one of us by surprise. Mark my words.

Ant-Man is set to be released July 17th, 2015

Are you excited for Ant-Man?

Are you excited to for Ant-man? Are you still skeptical? Did the trailer change your mind? Let me know in the poll and in the comments below. Thanks for the read and don't forget to share and follow for me articles!


Are you excited for Ant-Man?


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