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Stepping out of the suit[s] and into fans’ loving arms, The Flash/ Arrow team up this week, was really about Ray Palmer, and learning to love him.

Much like Eddie, whether or not to like Ray was debatable at first, but alas, with the absence of Oliver in The Flash’s team up, Ray stepped into the limelight, and showed us why we need to accept him.

Despite pining for Olicity to be a thing, putting off their inevitable union wasn’t something I was opposed to. After the ramifications of certain tv couples’ unions *cough* New Girl *cough* a show can become considerably tainted, and Olicity wouldn’t survive the drama; that with this week’s new episode, extends beyond Argus, Ra’s Al Ghul and Starling city. With Meta Humans acquainting themselves with a road map, the Arrow universe is becoming a bit overwhelming, to give Olicity the time it deserves.

The Flash nicely balances the comedy and the drama this week in a way that can entertain Ray’s infectious nature around the suspicion surrounding Harrison Wells. Surprisingly, it is from the perpetually moody Starling city, that this humour is welcomed.

This episode of The Flash opens with the aftermath of Eddie learning that Barry is the Flash, and a fun car chase ensues in his acceptance of the matter. Still, the threat he feels is evident in learning the Barry is the source of Iris’ obsession. Enhanced with seeing Joe’s Paternal companionship with Barry, this may be the real reason he doesn’t reveal the Flash’s identity to Iris.

With reference to his days as Superman, Brandon Routh crashes into the scene in the midst of a Killer Bee-droid fiasco; to liven up Barry’s moodiness and compensate for his lack of usual humour.

..Well it's not Superman.
..Well it's not Superman.

Aside from feeling strangely protective when Harrison Wells admires his Atom suit; the darkness of his character and, self serving history, is possibly worrisome. The complications associated with expanding this character crossover keep spirits are high for the most part. In fact, Barry’s death by robotic Bee was anything but worrisome. My only worry arose later, as one Bee got a little too close to me during my lunch break, as I enjoyed the rarity of British Sunlight.

It got worse.
It got worse.

A more important source of worry; but equally intriguing, is the fact that Cisco can remember his alternate lifetime. As a consequence of Barry’s travel back in time, I’m led to question whether Caitlin’s role as Killer Frost will be a consensual transition, or a plague from Faux-Wells’ lifetime, that consumes her once all comes to a head. Is Faux Wells the enemy? or will the season end with an even bigger twist?

It is with the recurrent mention of Faux-Wells-with-Real-Wells’- brain, being a mentor to Cisco and Caitlin, that I sense that the impending choosing of sides, will result in Caitlin sticking by, or becoming Faux Wells’ new body; to begin the alignment of these alternate universes. And is Cisco also doomed? With his hostage situation and Bee attack making 2, will the 3rd time be the charm, for destiny finding a way of finally, coming full circle?

Will the pursuit of justice pull us into an its a wonderful life-esque nightmare, when the lives of a few sacrifice the lives of many? or will the time travel arcs become so overwhelming, that it will be a battle of doppelgangers between Faux-Wells/Reverse Flash, Real-Wells and Barry, that ultimately leads to the sacrifice of his Mother, in this pursuit? As previous episodes have hinted, Barry will face the crisis of sacrificing a few for the sake of others, or will he sacrifice others for the sake of a few?

And as for the fate of the Flash? With the knowledge that Meta Humans didn’t solely originate from the explosion, can Barry save Real-Wells, and be the Flash?


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