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With each new episode of Arrow, I think to myself, why hasn’t a Meta Human killed Ra’s Al Ghul yet? Especially since, with this episode, it is apparent that Meta Humans may be able to acquire a flight plan alongside their road maps.

In Oliver’s assertion emotional entanglements being crucial to the cause, I am barely placated at the idea that science, super speed, or pseudo-Cyclops powers alone couldn’t kill Ra’s Al Ghul.

Whilst previews for the next episode heavily hint on the Lazarus Pits as the essence of life, Ray Palmer is the hero once more, in his scientific grounding for fans such as I.

Despite its crossovers with the wholly accepting The Flash, Arrow is grounded in determination and science; with only a hint of Meta Humans. Ray assures us that “superpowers are based in science, and I am a man of science. So if there's any way to defeat this guy, I'm the one who's best able to figure this out” , calming any skeptics and non-Flash viewers, who think the show may be getting a bit ‘out there’.

As Wells may turn out to be the wrong villain, Oliver may be the wrong hero to turn to this season. With a trip to the Lazarus Pits impending, will Ray be able to save Thea from becoming completely ‘out there’ and defeat Ra’s?.

With Roy gone, will Sarah return from the dead in another battle of doppelgängers - Black Canary style? With the show’s tone locked down to tense, I doubt Arrow’s season finale will be as conclusive as we need it to be. Whereas, The Flash may find some resolve; save for bringing Ray back, to substitute the comedy element.

As fans of the comics laugh on, those of us experiencing The Flash for the first time, eagerly await the arrival of the true Harrison Wells, because surely Tom Cavanagh isn’t simply defeated; never to grace our screens again. As for Arrow, I’m just hoping to survive the aftermath of Thea’s experience with the Lazarus Pits. Rip off that Band-aid.

How do you think things will end?


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