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Ah, Donnie Darko. It is almost unmatched in its following due to the fact that it is a mind-bending ride from which most people emerge saying: "What the (expletive) did I just watch?" Until recently, I was asking myself the same question. I could never escape the feeling that there was some part of the film that was simply slipping under my radar, and if I could identify it I would understand the whole movie once and for all.

That was when I decided to watch the special features on my DVD of Donnie Darko, and I was absolutely stunned to find therein the text of "Grandma Death"'s fictional book: the Philosophy of Time Travel.

The book is not only extremely short and easy to understand, but it completely explains almost every aspect of the film (Except, of course, why Donnie is laughing hysterically at the end. This, fortunately, is still up for debate).

I was searching for the text online, so I googled "Donnie Darko special features" and I was shocked when one blogger referred to the text as "redundant" because the book actually contains the meaning and explanation of the film.

I attempted to rip my DVD copy of "DD" and screen cap the text, but then I remembered that new iMacs don't have disc drives (heart breakingly). So instead of screen caps, I will provide a link to the text that I found on a website ostensibly dedicated to dissecting the film in order to give it meaning.

If you really like Donnie Darko, do yourself a favour and click this link!


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