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Hey Dudes & Dudettes!! I'm Dave, an Illustrator from Australia. I love re-imagining all my favorite movie, cartoon and comic characters in fun new ways!

I have worked for EB Games Australia Designing characters for their new app EB World. You will also see my work in the soon to be released 21Draw book, a drawing reference book for aspiring artists.

But I am probably best known for my brown paper sketches I do for fans at comic conventions. I use Brown toned paper, Mepxy Markers a Brush pen and white charcoal pencil to create these bad boys :)

If you diggin what I'm doin you can follow me on:


I post new stuff every Saturday morning as part of Daves Satdee Mornin Cartoons! Drop by and say Hi, Id love to hear from you guys!!


I am available for commissions periodically throughout the year, depending on my workload.


I also have a youtube channel where I post Art Tutorials



Dave :)


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