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It Was finally done snowing in Halifax, Nova Scotia when Speirs decided To Take Out the SuperBee for the first time in months. He Hooked Up The Go-Pro And Started The Car.

" Hey Whats Up Guys Speirs here And Guess What Im In! The SuperBee! *Country Voice* Yes In Deedy I'd Sa-"

The SuperBee Cut Off Completely.

Speirs Didn't know that the fuel lines had Corroded And Got Stopped up.

" What The?" Speirs exclaimed. He Jumped Out The Super Bee. He left the Go-Pro on thinking he'd be back in like 2 Minutes, Boy was he wrong.

He Ended Up Getting In The Ram and Going to the Dodge DealerShip Yet Again. " Hey Man, Uhm My SuperBee Just Cut off in the middle of the parking garage under my apartment building, " Speirs Said to one Of The Mechanics. Speirs Glanced At his name tag it read ," Jacksepticeye "

Speirs' Face lit up with excitement! " Jack! Its Been So Long! "

" Uhm Do I Know You? " Said Jack. Spiers Replied, " I met you at pax east, Remember? " "Uh What In the world is a ' pax east ' " asked Jack.

* Speirs Changes voice to raft voice * " Jesus. Oh Fatha Gawd Halp Em "

*changes to regular voice* " Jack-" Speirs Stumbled over his words. "NeverMind," Speirs said.

" Who's This ' Jack ' you continue to speak of?" The Mechanic said.

" You, You Silly Goo-... Wtw? " Spears Looked At The named tag again. It Read Kevin not Jacksepticeye. " Oh. My God. Sorry Kevin "

Speirs Thought that was pretty weird but he didn't have time for that.

Back At The Parking Garage The apartment manager had called a towing business and told them to get the SuperBee.

After About 30 mins Speirs ended up spending $1200 on fuel lines But He Decided to get a New Exhaust while he was there.

He Hopped In The Ram, Eager to get home. He Saw a tow truck, with a SuperBee On It. " WTF! " Speirs yelled. He Looked At the license plate on the car and it said " Speirs " " Oh No" Said Speirs He Spun Around and sped up to right beside the truck. He Motioned To The Tow Truck Driver To Roll Down His Window.

When The Driver Rolled Down His Window, Speirs said, " WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH MY SUPERBEE!?" The Truck Driver Said," Ill Race you for it. "

" I got this, " Speirs Thought But Little did he know that the truck driver was a mechanic, he had 1900 Horses under the hood of that tow truck.

They Stopped at a red light and reved the engines.

" I Live My Life A quarter Mile At a Time, For Those ten Seconds or Less, Im Free" Speirs quoted. The Truck Driver Laughed.

The Light Turned green, And They took off. The tow truck immediately pulled ahead of the Ram. Speirs looked over and thought, " WHAT THE?! "

" CHEATS! HACKER! " Speirs yelled.

He couldn't Believe he lost his dream car. He Was devastated.

Speirs Took A 2 month break from youtube.

He Wasn't do to good. He started drinking, Maya Died, He Got Morbidly Obese.

He Died On June 13, 2015 which happens to Be My Birthday...


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