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Marvel's Agent Carter may have originally been planned as a one off, but it seems that the show was so well-received that a second season is in the offing! Both stars and showrunners have previously spoken about wanting to continue Peggy's story with a second season, and now Bleeding Cool has it on good authority that they will get their wish.

I hear from Marvel sources that Agent Carter is 75% confirmed for a second series.
Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter
Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter

While the show did wrap up to a somewhat satisfying conclusion, there's still plenty of room for it to grow, and so much that we haven't yet seen finished. Here are just a few of the biggest loose ends that we could see more of in a second run for Peggy. (Warning: Spoilers ahead if you have not yet finished watching Agent Carter Season One!)

Peggy's Career

Season One saw Peggy's relationship with the SSR in constant flux. From being suffered by them as a glorified secretary, to being hunted by them, to finally being accepted as an agent (sort of). Unlike the one-shot, which saw Peggy triumphantly strolling out of the office to work for Howard Stark (heading up the brand-new SHIELD), [Marvel's Agent Carter](series:1119765) ended with Peggy still within the SSR.

Now that she seems to be held in higher regard by her colleagues, it would be nice to see her going on some SSR missions - while I can't wait to see her starting to build SHIELD itself, there's no real reason to see that right away. I think a second season would be a perfect space for some character development for everyone, for Howard Stark to start pondering the need for a separate agency, for some smaller villains and maybe even some romance.

Speaking of which...

Peggy and Sousa

Here's a couple that I would definitely like to see some more of in a season two. Like Peggy, Sousa felt the need to prove himself to the other agents, and did so with aplomb at the end of season one. Now, he's courting Peggy, and while she turned down his first offer of dinner, there's definitely something of a future for them.

I'd love to see him struggling with having to live up to Captain America (who wouldn't?), and discover if Peggy is really as over Steve as she thinks she is at the end of season one. I also just kinda want to see Peggy all dolled up again and out on a date!

The Rest Of The Good Guys

Jarvis absolutely stole the show for me in season one, and while Peggy is ostensibly no longer working for Stark, she and Angie are living in one of his homes and Jarvis did offer his help if ever she should need it. I just can't imagine a season two without him! Given that he is something of a persuader for Howard, perhaps he is the one to convince her to leave the SSR for the infant SHIELD? Maybe we'll see him struggle to readjust to his old, simple, boring, life when he isn't chasing down the bad guys with Peggy.

My other favorite secondary character from the show is definitely Angie. Due to the short run of the first season, there really wasn't much time to develop her character, but I would love to see that happen in season two. After keeping so many secrets, wouldn't it be wonderful to see Peggy with a female friend? Eating pie and drinking schnapps in Howard Stark's apartment, having something of a life outside of the agency, and gossiping about her dates with Sousa. While I wouldn't want the show to lose all of the high-octane action that made it great, it would really be nice to see a little of Peggy's "real" life from time to time.

The Bad Guys

Couldn't leave out the villains! After all, there has to be someone for Peggy to battle...

Dottie is probably the most likely to return in season two - having limped away from her final showdown with Peggy, there is no doubt she'll be back for revenge. It was even written right into the script that they probably haven't seen the last of her! I'm a huge fan of the perfectly coiffed assassin, and now that she's been made by Peggy and Angie, it will be interesting to see what she does to try and get close to them again. I'm forseeing some use of her pretty face again, but who might she pick as a target?

Dr Ivchenko, on the other hand, is (relatively) safely locked up, and I would actually be a little disappointed if he came back to the show right away. I would rather see some new, while still connected, characters - what about some more of Dottie's classmates?

The Other Side

While I love speculating about what may happen in a second series, it's also worth noting that not everyone is as confident as Bleeding Cool in the show's chances. Today, Forbes took the opposite side of the argument, suggesting that there is just no reason for Agent Carter to return. (Clearly, I would disagree with that statement!)

The other central argument against a second season seems to be that [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) has a spin-off in development - although this doesn't necessarily mean that Agent Carter is being put to rest. If anything, Marvel isn't afraid to go big - pumping out movies at an impressive rate, and adding four new Netflix series ( [Daredevil](movie:47230), Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage) within two years. There seems little reason that they would balk at keeping Agent Carter on short-season runs, and add an AOS spin off as well.

It may be that the new spin-off takes the place of Agent Carter as a gap-filler for the Agents of SHIELD time slot when it's off the air, but I could also easily see it getting a new time slot all of it's own. Personally, I would prefer to keep things as they were for the first season of Agent Carter. I enjoy seeing the past and present of SHIELD playing out together - both with the agency starting from the ground up.

What do you think? Is a second season of Agent Carter unnecessary? Will the new AOS spinoff take it's place, or just be another addition to the Marvel-verse? Comment and let me know!


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