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What is this about!?

In brief, our community is growing every day but most of us still do not know each other, lol. So this is actually quite awesome and whoever gets nominated, please come out now. We WANT to know more about you! ;)

This will be a short post as I have previously posted mine but he is the fourth person I am tagging after Amalia, Shadan and Adonis!!

The for Mark!!

1. Have you ever seen a movie that changed have your life forever?

2. Game(s) that you regretted playing and do not recommend?

3. In your opinion, which are the worst three pokémon ever created and why?!

Who is this guy?

I just knew him but Mark is a passionate guy who tries to post videos daily on his Youtube channel!! He mainly posts gaming videos and trailer reactions (from what I see) and you can stalk.. I mean, watch all his videos here!

We will be waiting for your answers! ;)


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