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Honestly, I don't know what to expect from the DCCU. This can set up a lot, TRUST ME! Here's my video about the teaser!

My Thoughts on the BvS Teaser Trailer

Let's get into the first stuff!

Kingdom Come Superman Homage??

This movie pays some homage to The Dark Knight Returns and it looks like it pays homage to Kingdom Come, which was a good Superman story. Dark Knight Returns doesn't respect Superman's character, but Kingdom Come does! I definitely know this movie will respect Superman's image. Like I said, you have a Godlike alien vs a Urban Legend that returns... good stuff!

Ground Zero Memorial!

That's right! This is a memorial of all for all the people who died in Metropolis in the alien invasion. What does this set up for... Cyborg and Metallo (maybe Metallo)! Cyborg didn't died, but they can play it off like Metallo did, but he was brought back to life.

Project Cadmus

Let's change things up a little bit. They probably have Zod's body, so why not do a bunch of cloning experiments? In reality, the government wants control over everything, and it they don't... they panic! One thing is clear, DC should borrow from their animated properties!

Young Justice
Young Justice

This show definitely proved a lot. Cadmus and the Reach was a good element to the show. Cloning and the metagene was interesting concepts for the show and everyone was addicted to it! You know what... Why stop there? Why not make a task force full of mercenaries and criminals to do your dirty work, and have control over them by blowing them up with a neck bomb! Wait a minute...

Suicide Squad!

They can establish that some of they villain have a pre-relatonship with Batman (for obvious reasons) and other villains that are going to be scene in future movies! Rogue Gallery guys! The government wants to make sure they have a card up their own sleeve, that's Amanda Waller. If you don't comply, you die, that simply.

New Gods!

Fourth World
Fourth World

They're utilizing mythology, which is a good sign! The Fourth World is awesome! Remember, you just read borrowing for the animated properties, this is where it comes to play. I use to watch the Justice League animated series. The New Gods episode showed how the Gods from New Genesis treated people under them, wasn't nice. Any check out my Mister Miracle: Will DC Ever Make A Movie?

Another good tie-in, having Suicide Squad taking on Intergang!

That's it for me guys!

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